Brannon Lee Redding
Brannon Lee Redding
Name Brannon Lee Redding
Affiliation Racial Holy War
Pathology Sniper triple murderer
School shooter
Status Deceased
Actor Joel Garland
First Appearance "Raw"

Brannon Lee Redding was a white supremacist and a school shooter.


He shot three school children with a sniper rifle, in which a young African-American boy died and the two others were wounded. He had been hired to kill Jeffrey Whitlock, who was the adopted son of his former corrections officer Mark Whitlock. However, he had also decided to shoot Danny Koehler and Annabelle Paoletti because they both "looked Jewish". In reality, he was half-right: Danny was Jewish, but Annabelle was Catholic of Italian ancestry.

With the help of his defense attorney Hashi Horowitz, he managed to negotiate a plea bargain, in which he would receive a lessened sentence of 25 years in protective custody for the murder and attempted murders in exchange for confessing to the shooting and testifying against Brian Ackerman. This deal was initially denied, however, by Judge T. Schuyler. After the word broke out about Brannon's testimony against Ackerman, both Judge Schuyler and Brannon, along with a court officer, were murdered by Brian's son Kyle. (SVU: "Raw")

Known Victims

  • October 3, 2005: The shooting at P.S. 74:
    • Jeffrey Whitlock (murdered; shot in the chest)
    • Annabelle Paoletti (survived; shot in the left shoulder)
    • Danny Koehler (survived; shot in the right leg)
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