L&O, Episode 20.18
Production number: 20018
First aired: 29 March 2010
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Teleplay By
Keith Eisner

Story By
René Balcer & Keith Eisner

Directed By
Jean de Segonzac


When an environmental scientist, Dr. Oscar Silva (Elliot Villar), is poisoned during a global warming symposium Detectives Bernard and Lupo initially suspect competitors from Dr. Silva's field of study. It is soon discovered that Dr. Silva is involved in a messy custody battle with his wife's (Tammy Blanchard) and ex-husband Phillip Shoemaker (Tony Hale.) So, the focus of the investigation quickly shifts to the victim's family. Meanwhile, the case becomes personal for EADA Cutter, as it stirs up unpleasant memories from his own past.


Main cast

Recurring cast

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  • Bernard: (after the suspect and his ex-wife explode at each other) Must be some of that emotional detachment and reason.

  • McCoy: Marks did her homework on you.
  • Cutter: Homework? All she needed was Google!

  • Cutter: (after a young girl vanishes) And now we pray.

  • Cutter: I can tell you from experience Mr. Shoemaker, kids don't forget and they don't forgive!

  • McCoy: Take consolation in getting the right result. It was a good day's work.
  • Cutter: Yeah. But not a good day.

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