Brent Allen Banks
Name Brent Allen Banks
Affiliation Q&W Distributor
Occupation Soft drink distributor
Pathology Serial rapist
Convicted statutory rapist
Double murderer
Convicted kidnapper
Repeat offender
Status Deceased
Actor Timothy Adams
First Appearance "Uncle"

Brent Allen Banks was a suspect in the rape, torture, and murders of a woman named Gabriella Trevino and her daughter Ilaria.


In 1993, Brent had a prior conviction after pleading guilty to the rape-kidnapping of a 15-year-old girl named Maryellen Seaver and served seven years of a 14-year sentence in prison. Six years after he was released, he found the Trevinos after a broke Gabriella tried to sell Ilaria's bicycle to get some money.

After the only evidence in the case against Brent was suppressed, the indictment against him was dismissed without prejudice, causing the delusional Andrew Munch to take matters into his own hands. Andrew found Brent about to flee the jurisdiction via subway, then pushed him onto the tracks, leaving him to be run over by a passing train. (SVU: "Uncle")

Known Victims

  • Unknown date in 1993: Maryellen Seaver (kidnapped, raped, and tortured; she escaped)
  • September 18, 2006: Gabriella Trevino and her daughter Ilaria (both raped, tortured by cutting, and asphyxiated)
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