Brian Egan
Name Brian Egan
Affiliation Alexander Rausch
Occupation Cook
Pathology Double mass murderer
Serial bomber
White supremacist
Family Stephanie Egan (wife; deceased)
Kenny Egan (son)
Status Executed
Actor Kevin Geer
First Appearance "Charm City" (L&O)
Last Appearance "For God and Country" (H:LOTS)
Brian Egan was a white supremacist and mass murderer who launched two gas bomb attacks against African-Americans. His first attack in 1991 at a Maryland black church left six dead. In 1996, his second attack on a New York City train killed 20 people, all African-Americans. He took orders from Alexander Rausch, who had hoped to initiate a race-war.

Egan was convicted of all murder charges and was executed in prison.

Known Victims

  • 1991, Baltimore, Maryland: The Christ Church bombing:
    • Unnamed African-American boy
    • Unnamed African-American man
    • Four unnamed African-American people
  • 1995, New York City, New York: The subway bombing:
    • Thomas Bell
    • Harvey Brand
    • Kareem Alexander
    • 17 unnamed African-American people
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