"Broad Channel"
CI, Episode 9.03
Production number: 9008
First aired: 13 April 2010
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Law order criminal intent broad channel jeff golblum saffron burrows 2
Written By
Mark Malone

Directed By
Omar Madha


Nichols and Stevens hunt for the killer of an NYPD detective. The investigation leads them to a small town under the thumb of an Irish mob boss, who's also Nichols' old foe.


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Jackie Dooley: De mortuis nil nisi bonum.
Zack Nichols: Of the dead, speak no evil.

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Home Of
Ryan and Cassie Fields
55 Newport Avenue
Wednesday, January 13

Broad Channel
Elementary School
1123 Shad Creek Road
Thursday, January 21

Rikers Island
Thursday, January 21

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"Broad Channel"
Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Season 9
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