"Broken Rhymes"
SVU, Episode 18.06
Production number: 18006
First aired: 9 November 2016
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Written By
Rick Eid & Jeffrey Baker

Directed By
Adam Bernstein


The CEO of a record label and his protege are questioned by police due to their links to an assault of a transgender art student in a public restroom.


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Benson: Well, Eva's father said that...that you two were fighting last night.
Blake: It wasn't serious. I love Eva.
Rollins: Yeah. Let me count the ways. "I'm tired of your lies". "I'm starting to despise you". "I wish you'd disappear".
Benson: I mean, I'd hate to see your serious arguments.

Carisi: I listened to a few of your songs. You're obviously not a big fan of gay and transgender people.
Hype: Man, it's just music, a'ight?
Carisi: You know what? My favorite line is, uh, "when a tranny looks your way, got to make sure the dude pays. Cap to the head. Boot to the grill. All you bitches know I ain't 'fraid to kill."
Hype: Keep at it, G. You could be the next Eminem.
Tutuola: And you could be the next brotha from Harlem doing time if you don't tell us what your punk ass was really doing yesterday afternoon.

Benson: That kid thinks because he's in love with a transgender woman, that he's gay. He's confused.
Barba: Well, we tried. It was a good deal. It was almost too good. Either the guy has got a lot of confidence in this lawyer...
Benson: Or he's being handled. That lawyer is in Vincent Love's back pocket. Any time one of his rappers gets jammed up, good old Hampton gets a call.
Carisi: So?
Benson: "So"? So the real client is Vincent Love, not Hype.
Barba: He's allowed to pay the legal fees as long as there's no conflict of interest.
Benson: No conflict? He just talked Hype out of the best deal that he is ever going to see, because he's protecting Love's brand. They're transphobic, homophobic and if they have to sell Hype out in the meantime, you know, convince him to stay street, so be it.
Barba: I don't disagree, but it's not my problem. I've got a trial to win.

Background Information and Notes

  • The episode was originally scheduled to air on November 2, 2016, but it was delayed by a week due to the competing World Series Game 7 event.

Episode scene cards

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Mercy General Hospital
365 West 32nd Street
Monday, November 14

Law Offices of
Shannon & Whitmore
198 Lafayette Street
Monday, November 14

Panda Club
949 Washington Street
Monday, November 14

4 5 6 7

Residence of
Vincent Love
49 Spring Street
Tuesday, November 15

Apartment of
Cash Lewis
146 East 50th Street
Thursday, November 17

Rikers Island
Correctional Facility
Monday, November 28

Supreme Court
Part 8
Tuesday, November 29

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"Broken Rhymes"
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