Law and Order
"Bronx Cheer"
L&O, Episode 11.16
Production number: E1316
First aired: 14 March 2001
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Teleplay By
Richard Sweren

Story By
Richard Sweren & Wendy Battles

Directed By
Richard Dobbs


When a woman is found strangled to death with a large quantity of the drug Ecstacy in her handbag. Detectives Briscoe and Green have difficultity gathering sufficient evidence for an incitement of their prime suspect, drug-dealer Francis "Taz" Partell. However, when they question one of his former associates, they discover new evidence indicating that Taz is responsible for the earlier murder of a bouncer in Bronx County. After convicting Taz, it is realized that previous defendant Anthony Shaeffer is innocent. To get him released, McCoy personally represents Shaeffer in an appeal of habeus corpus. McCoy is able to get Shaeffer's conviction overturned and him released from prison.


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Background information and notes

  • This episode began with a disclaimer, telling viewers that the adversarial Bronx County District Attorney seen in the episode was in no way intended as a depiction of real-life Bronx DA Robert Johnson.

Episode scene cards

1 2 3

Apartment of
Angela Jarrell
52 East 21st Street
Saturday, November 30

Apartment of
Francis Partell
418 West 48th Street
Wednesday, December 4

56th Precinct
The Bronx
Thursday, December 5

4 5 6

Temple Parking
114 Rivington Street
Monday, December 9

Office of
D.A. John Robertson
The Bronx
Tuesday, December 31

Supreme Court
Trial Part 31
Wednesday, February 25

7 8

Supreme Court
Trial Part 31
Wednesday, February 25

Appellate Division
First Department
Wednesday, March 25

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"Bronx Cheer"
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