Law and Order
Law and Order
Brooke Allen
Name Brooke Allen
Affiliation Margaret Fuller School
Occupation Student
Pathology Con artist
Family Steven Allen (father)
Unnamed mother
Jonah Allen (brother)
Status On probation
Actor Hana Hayes
First Appearance Dissonant Voices

Brooke Allen is a teenage girl who along with her best friend Rachel Burns tried to frame their former music teacher Jackie Walker of being a pedophile.


Brooke and Rachel were students of Jackie Walker since they were young and she was determined to be a successful singer but when the next season of a popular show called American Diva was coming up, Jackie told Brooke and Rachel that they weren't good enough to be singers and dropped them as students and chose another student of his named Grace.

The girls were very angry about this and Brooke came up with an idea to frame Jackie for molesting their little brothers the way her mother tried to make false accusations against her father during their separation. When Rachel gets sex toys from the internet, they get their brothers DNA on them while they are giving them baths. When Brooke's little brother, Jonah made accusations against Jackie, he is brought to a Child Advocacy Center to be questioned by Detective Olivia Benson.

While Brooke and her mother are being questioned by detectives Nick Amaro and Odafin Tutuola her father Steven Allen (who believed Mrs. Allen was making false accusations against him again) comes in and they get into a brief argument during which Brooke is taken away and questioned by Amanda Rollins. While being questioned, Brooke (while pretending to cry) says that Jonah told her he was molested but that she did believe him because he has an imagination.

Benson and Rollins later question Brooke about if she were molested by Jackie. At first, she says she wasn't, but when the detectives reminded her that she was a child when Jackie taught her, Brooke starts to cry and says that she was molested by him. When the detectives learn that Brooke and Rachel were dropped as students by Jackie, they discover that the accusations against him were false after which they bring the two in for questioning along with their mothers.

During the questioning, Brooke says that she and Rachel left Jackie's class because he was molesting them, but Tutuola and Rollins explain to her that pedophiles tend to not go after teens and reveal that they know that Brooke and Rachel coached their brothers to lie. Mrs. Allen refused to believe that her daughter did anything wrong and she threatens to sue the NYPD then they leave. In order to avoid a trial, Assistant district attorney Rafael Barba allows the girls to take a plea where they only have to serve one year of probation. (SVU: "Dissonant Voices")