Brooke Thornburg
Name Brooke Thornburg
Family Walter Thornburg (husband)
Tricia Thornburg (daughter; deceased)
Brian Thornburg (stepson with Tricia)
Josh Thornburg (son with Walter)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Valerie Mahaffey
First Appearance "Justice"

Brooke Thornburg was the wife of Judge Walter Thornburg.


She had a daughter from another man, named Tricia, before she married him. She was obsessed with marrying him in order to climb socially to the extent of ignoring Tricia. After marrying him, she had a son with him, Josh. She also cared for Tricia's son, Brian, who they both adopted discreetly.

When she found out through Tricia that Tricia's son, Brian was her husband's, she murdered her in an unpremeditated manner with a bottle that was casually there, because she saw her at that moment as a traitor, a rival and a threat to her position to be taken out while not being able to see in her attitude, that she had been raped by him. She was then imprisoned for 2nd-degree murder. (SVU: "Justice")

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