Bruce Altman
Bruce Altman.jpg
Date of birth
3 July, 1955
Place of birth
The Bronx, New York
IMDb profile

Bruce Altman is an actor who played six different characters in all three primary shows of the Law & Order franchise.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Harv beigel.jpg
Tom Morrison.jpg
Harv Beigal Tom Morrison Defense Attorney Brad Feldman
L&O: "The Torrents of Greed (1)" • "The Torrents of Greed (2)" L&O: "The Pursuit of Happiness" L&O: "Return" • "Formerly Famous" • "Lucky Stiff"
Mark Sanford Jack Crawley Dr. Alvin Lawrence
SVU: "Stolen" CI: "Tuxedo Hill" L&O: "Cut"
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