Buggesi (Mr.)
Mr. Buggesi
Name Mr. Buggesi
Title Mr. Bug Eyes
Pathology Pedophile
Child molester
Alleged school shooter
Status Imprisoned
Actor Harry Madsen
First Appearance "Raw"

Mr. Buggesi was a pedophile who molested Maddy McCorkle, and a suspect in a school shooting.


Buggesi encountered Maddy and threatened her to allow him to molest her or he would shoot her. Following a shooting at Maddy's school that left a boy dead and two others injured, Maddy told Dr. Huang what Buggesi said and what he had her do, mispronouncing his name as "Mr. Bug Eyes" in the process. He then replayed this to Captain Cragen and Detective Stabler.

When Cragen and Stabler properly identified him and went to his apartment in order to question him, they found Maddy's uncle Patrick savagely beating Buggesi. Both Mr. Buggesi and Patrick were arrested, and when the detectives searched Buggesi's apartment, they only found a toy rifle that closely resembled a real firearm.

Buggesi was ultimately exonerated for committing the shooting, but he still had warrants for sexual abuse in Florida. As a result, he was extradited once he recovered from his injuries. (SVU: "Raw")

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