"Burn, Baby, Burn"
L&O, Episode 11.06
Production number: E1306
First aired: 22 November 2000
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Latiff Miller
Written By
Richard Sweren

Directed By
David Platt


Briscoe and Green investigate the death of a racist police officer, and the trial leads them to Latiff Miller, a powerful member of the Black Panther Party. But in order to put Miller in prison, McCoy tries to prove that the elderly man was not fearing for his life when he pulled the trigger.


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(Green is accosting an officer for threatening a witness)

Green: You put your hands on an old man like that again, black or white, you and me are gonna have a problem!
Officer Kanizar: That's funny, I was about to say to you, if you ever interfere with me in the middle of an investigation, we are going to have a big problem, and I'm going to assault.
Green: Do it now!

Officer Kanizar: Oh aren't you a big shot? What, now you're all shocked because we're away from the brothers?
Green: Hey man, I'll take you any time, anywhere.

Officer Kanizar: Oh, like we don't know whose going to get all jammed up out of that and it certainly won't be the brother.
Green: You say "brother" like that one more time, I swear to God I'm going to stomp your ass into the pavement!

Officer Kanizer: What side is your partner on, Lennie?
Briscoe: Same side I'm on.

  • Miller: Given that I'm here, as a political prisoner, the Geneva convention doesn't afford this court jurisdiction!

  • Lewin: Don't beat yourself up too badly over this one, Jack.
  • McCoy: A man kills a New York City police detective in the line of duty, and I can't even convict him.
  • Lewin: Enough of the jury identified with the defendant's fear of cops.
  • McCoy: Used to be fear of cops didn't justify shooting them.
  • Lewin: Used to be a lot of things.
  • Lt. Van Buren: I'm sorry, I'm late for my daily spanking at One Police Plaza.

(On the way to notify Anne Kearsey about her husband's death)

  • Green: How many times have you done this?
  • Lt. Van Buren: Twice. 2 times too many.

Background information and notes

  • Errors made by characters (possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): When Attorney Leon Chiles (Joe Morton) cites police brutality, he mentions the Fred Hampton assassination in Oakland. Fred Hampton was killed by police in Chicago, not Oakland.
  • Chiles: The Abner Louima assault, the Amadou Diallo murder.
    • Carmichael: The police in that case were acquitted.
    • Both of these notorious cases involved African-American men and white NYPD officers. Louima was suspected of punching an officer during a brawl outside a nightclub. He was arrested, beaten, and sodomized with a broomstick while in custody, resulting in severe internal injuries. NYPD officer Justin Volpe was imprisoned for the assault and other officers were disciplined for their involvement. Amadou Diallo was shot dead by the NYPD, who had mistaken him for a wanted rapist and thought he was armed. He turned out to have been reaching for his wallet, not a gun. He was shot at 41 times and 19 shots hit him. A defense witness also refers to Diallo by saying, "41 shots at some poor black guy coming home from work." The officers involved in the shooting were acquitted after a criminal trial.
  • Burn, Baby, Burn" often was shouted during the widespread civil unrest during the sixties, especially by the rioters in Watts, CA in 1965.
  • This episode appears to be ripped from the headlines of the H. Rap Brown case.
  • "Burn baby burn" is a well-known and oft-repeated line from the song "Disco Inferno."
  • This episode lists Leon Chiles' office address as 1840 Broadway.

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Supreme Court
Trial Part 29
Tuesday, November 16

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Tuesday, November 16

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Trial Part 29
Wednesday, November 17

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Trial Part 29
Friday, November 19

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Trial Part 29
Wednesday, November 24

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