"Burn Card"
L&O, Episode 18.14
Production number: 18017
First aired: 23 April 2008
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Green Burn Card
Written By
David Wilcox & Ed Zuckerman

Directed By
Mario Van Peebles


When Detective Green shoots a murder suspect, an internal investigation reveals that he had a gambling problem and once owed money to the suspect. The DA's office reluctantly pursues murder charges against him.


Main cast

Guest cast


James Singer; Reginald Whitby; St. Anselmo's College; Internal Affairs Bureau; 39th Precinct; Aldridge Liquor; Four Cousins Coffee Shop


Lupo: He could have used any one of a dozen pay phones between here and Manhattan.
Bernard: They're all broken. You try using one lately?
Lupo: All I know is that my dog likes to piss on them.

Bernard: I hate dogs.
Lupo: Oh yeah? Why's that?
Bernard.: A stupid nickname I had in Catholic school.
Lupo: St. Bernard. (Bernard glares at him) Lucky guess.

(Green comes back from being questioned about Bunny Whitby's death)
Lt. Van Buren: How'd it go?
Green: It was great. I love being treated like a criminal in my own house.

Lt. Van Buren: The slugs came back. Matched the bullet that killed John Singer. You shot a guilty man.
Green: Tell me something I didn't know.

McCoy: [on Green] The man's been in my office a hundred times. I just kind of assumed he wasn't a murderer.

Rubirosa: You know Detective Green as well as I do.
Cutter: Which means I have to be objective. The facts are the facts. If this was a cop you didn't know, you'd be running to the grand jury too.

Rubirosa: Lupo! I'm guessing there was something that you wanted to talk about.
Lupo: Looks like I took it to the wrong office.
Rubirosa: I have my own office.

Green: I've been a cop, a gambler and 12 other things that don't necessarily go together that well. How do you do it?
Lt. Van Buren: One foot in front of the other, for 30 years.
Green: I'll let you know where I land. (shakes her hand) Thank you, Lu.

Green: (to the DA's after April exposes her secret that he was protecting) Why are you doing this?
Cutter: We thought you were worth saving.

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Law Offices of
Murray, Sullivan
And Smith
72 Lafayette Street
Wednesday, February 7

Lynn's Tiki Bar
428 Eight Avenue
Wednesday, February 7

Apartment of
Katherine Halsey
179 East 118th Street
Thursday, February 8

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Supreme Court
Grand Jury Room
Thursday, February 15

Home of
April Lannen
Jersey City, New Jersey
Friday, April 13

Apartment of
Detective Ed Green
256 West 30th Street
Thursday, April 17

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