Law and Order

Burton Lowe is a true crime writer, podcaster, and former professor, as well as the ex-fiancé of Olivia Benson when she was young. Lowe is later revealed to have been a rapist of his students, which Lowe attributed to alcoholism and failed to rehabilitate from.


When he was 21 years old, Lowe had met Benson when she was 16 while attending a college class headed by her mother Serena. Lowe and Benson fell for one another, pursuing a relationship. Soon, Lowe ultimately proposed, which Benson accepted. However, her mother found out and threatened Lowe to stay away from her daughter. Although hesitant, he agreed and never saw Benson again, causing tension between her and her mother. (SVU: "Wanderlust", "Intoxicated")


In 2021, Lowe approached former SVU detective Nick Amaro to get the Special Victims Unit to reopen a case involving a wrongfully convicted man imprisoned for murder. Lowe reunited with Benson and rekindled their relationship. However, after Roger Murray confessed in court to murder, Lowe is accused of rape by a former student, Andrea Malone, who wants him arrested. Lowe consistently tells Benson that he did not rape her, but Benson believes her due to her own experience.

Later, Lowe asks Benson if she could do anything to help him, but she says that she can't. Benson claims that the relationship they had was inappropriate because she was very young. Lowe claims that they were in love, but Benson tells him that in her eyes, it is called sexual assault. Benson then claims that Serena may have been trying to protect her, but Lowe just says that she is crazy. Benson asks Lowe to admit to his wrongdoing, but he refuses and Benson says goodbye. (SVU: "The Five Hundredth Episode")

After his fallout with Benson, Lowe goes to Alcoholics Anonymous. Reaching five months, two weeks, and three days of sobriety, he makes a list of everyone he hurt while he was intoxicated, and his sponsor suggests to start at the beginning with Benson. Meeting her in a café, he asks her to listen, not to forgive him, aware that he wasn't his best, hitting rock-bottom. Due to his intoxication, he doesn't exactly remember what he said, but she does. Despite her anger towards him, he apologizes to her, attempting to make amends for his sobriety, but she retorts that he abused women and used alcohol as an excuse. She wants him to acknowledge what he did not just to her, but to others. He responds that he is trying, and she says to let her know when he has done that.

Lowe later comes to the squad room, much to the chagrin of Sergeant Tutuola, and asks Benson to support him at one of his meetings. After she goes, a woman named Beverly Morrison comes into the precinct, saying that, after their argument six months ago, Lowe raped her. She also says that he had just attempted to make amends to her and she recorded the conversation. Benson confronts Lowe, who is drunk, but he acknowledges his wrongdoings and pleads down to a six-year term of probation and a sex offender registration. (SVU: "Confess Your Sins To Be Free")