Law and Order
Law and Order
"By Hooker, By Crook"
L&O, Episode 1.07
Production number: 66203
First aired: 13 November 1990
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Written By
David Black

Directed By
Martin Davidson

When Mike Logan and Max Greevey investigate how a family man came to be found unconscious in Central Park, they uncover a very high-class call girl operation run by a well-educated socialite.


Two horse cops are riding in a park when a woman calls saying her dog found a body. 

Sergeant Max Greevey and his partner Detective Mike Logan respond discovering the victim was a wealthy archetict and had a heart attack but also had a bludgeon wound to the head. They then track down a prostitute by having Greevey going undercover as a John. 

The prostitute then says the driver's name was Cookie, who drove the car the victim was in. They arrest Cookie finding a bloody baseball bat in the limo. The prostitute from before then gives up the name "Jasmine" as her boss leading them to arresting Jasmine who quickly dislikes Logan. Jasmine eventually gives up her superior Laura Winthrop, the head of Poppy Catering. 

Winthrop is then charged with numerous charges and ADA Ben Stone plans to use this as a way to get major names. Eventually he charges her with Second Degree Murder, since she knows her activities may lead to someone's death. 

However, in the end, a deal is made for involuntary manslaughter and the defendant is sentenced to no less than two years in prison.

As they walk out Stone and Paul Robinette overhear the jury foreperson who had voted for a conviction.


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"Fifty cents! I've been working hotels for 40 years, and I ain't seen a two-bit tip since those Kennedys been in office. You see what I'm getting' at? Then this duke asks me about getting a girl, and I tell him, 'A big tipper like you don't need no girl!'"

- Hotel worker

"You should have sent your partner. I don't usually do discipline, but I would love to teach him some manners."

- Jasmine

"I thought you said you weren't a cop."
"I lied."
"Isn't there some kind of illegal thing about that?"
"What? Lying? I'm allowed to lie. They pay me to lie."

- Jolene Curtis and Max Greevey

"Look at that. In and out."
"Just like work."

- Max Greevey and Mike Logan

"What do you think?"
"Of a hooker who's got a lawyer looks like he spends more on clothes than I make in a year? I think whoever's paying his bill ought to adopt me."

- Max Greevey and Mike Logan

"Look -- the heart -- that's not the part of the anatomy the girls are interested in."

- Cookie Molina

"Nice wife, three kids, what's he doing going to a hooker?"
"Your objection moral or economic?"

- Mike Logan and Max Greevey

Background information and notes[]

The courthouse in the opening theme from season eighteen.

Original scene.

  • Despite being in the credits, Dann Florek as Captain Donald Cragen doesn't appear in this episode.

Episode scene cards[]

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Central Park
Sunday December 9

Jangle's Bar
Eldritch Hotel
Wednesday, December 12

Stanley Hotel
506 East 57th Street
Friday, December 14

40 East 92nd Street
Apartment 8A
Tuesday, December 18

Supreme Court
Criminal Term
Arraignment Part 30
Wednesday, December 19

6 7 8 9

Offices of the
District Attorney
Monday, January 14

Residence of
Mr. David Hamilton
Thursday, February 7

Foley Square
Wednesday, April 24

Office of Executive
District Attorney
Benjamin Stone
Thursday, April 25

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