"Called Home"
L&O, Episode 18.01
Production number: 18001
First aired: 2 January 2008
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Lupo Called Home
Written By
René Balcer

Directed By
Allen Coulter


The death of Thomas Lupo brings his brother, Detective Cyrus Lupo, to the 27th Precinct. It appears Tom Lupo's death was the first of a string of assisted suicides, and Van Buren assigns Green to work with Lupo to investigate the suicides.


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  • Dr. David Lingard is nicknamed "Dr. Death" in this episode. Lingard was imprisoned after performing several assisted suicides (including one on television) and had been out of prison for a month at the time of "Called Home." The real-life Dr. Jack Kevorkian was similarly nicknamed "Dr. Death" and was similarly imprisoned for several years for performing several assisted suicides (including one on television).


Jack, you grew up with Woodward and Bernstein. I grew up with Geraldo.

–Michael Cutter (speaking to Jack McCoy)

People v. Duffy: Why don't you look that one up on that gadget?

–Jack McCoy (speaking to Michael Cutter, who's holding a BlackBerry; this is the first time we see Cutter's BlackBerry, and he is seen using the BlackBerry extensively in this episode and throughout his run on the series)

Michael Cutter: Branch used to fill these shelves with knick-knacks and awards.
Jack McCoy: It's a working office now, not a show room.

Background information and notes

  • Jeremy Sisto joins the cast as Detective Cyrus Lupo, replacing Milena Govich's Detective Nina Cassady. Oddly, Sisto portrayed defense attorney Clint Glover in the episode, "The Family Hour," which aired immediately before "Called Home" aired.
  • Sam Waterston's Jack McCoy is promoted to DA, replacing Fred Dalton Thompson's Arthur Branch as DA, as Thompson left the show to seek the 2008 Republican nomination for President of the United States. In a conversation at the end of the preceding episode "The Family Hour," Branch had hinted that McCoy would one day replace him as DA. Ironically, in the season 16 episode, "Red Ball," Branch had said that McCoy was a great prosecutor but would never be a district attorney.
  • Linus Roache joins the cast as Executive ADA Michael Cutter, replacing McCoy as Executive ADA.

Episode scene cards

1 2 3

Customs Area
JFK Airport
Monday, August 13

Home of
Tom & Jenny Lupo
551 East 3rd Street
Monday, August 13

Apartment of
Dr. David Lingard
85-25 35th Street
Queens, New York
Wednesday, August 15

4 5 6

Carmel Ridge Hospice
271 Avenue A
Wednesday, August 15

Chambers of
Judge Wendell Kessler
Friday, August 17

St. Fabian's Hospital
188 First Avenue
Friday, August 17

7 8 9

Supreme Court
Trial Part 27
Wednesday, August 22

Supreme Court
Trial Part 27
Thursday, August 23

Supreme Court
Trial Part 27
Friday, August 24

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