Cally Lonegan
Name Cally Lonegan
Affiliation Westies
Occupation FBI informant
Pathology Mobster
Truck hijacker
Family Donald Lonegan (twin brother)
Margaret Sokorski (niece; deceased)
Status Deceased
Actor Michael O'Keefe
First Appearance "Brother's Keeper"

Cally Lonegan was an Irish American mobster of the Westies in Hell's Kitchen and an FBI informant. Cally, as an informant, helped the FBI take down the Italian Mafia Gambese crime family in New York City. He protected his twin brother Donald.

He was suspected of arson, extortion, murder and hijacking trucks, common organized crime activities. But he was constantly covered by the FBI, rarely facing arrest until he murdered an African immigrant to cover for his twin brother Donald, who had recently murdered a drug dealer who sold drugs to his daughter, leading to her death by overdose.

He was later murdered in Rikers under the orders of Benny Gambese. Gambese is currently in prison for this murder.

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