Carla Cannon
Carla cannon
Name Carla Cannon
Affiliation Orion Bay Clothing Line
Occupation Press wranger
Pathology Con artist
Status Alive
Actor Kelley Missal
First Appearance "American Disgrace"

Carla Cannon is a woman who was paid by Orion Bauer to make false accusations of rape against basketball star Shakir Wilkins.


On Memorial Day, Carla and Shakir have consensual sex. When they are done Orion Bauer tells her that he will pay her to accuse Shakir of rape. While Shakir and other people are leaving a press conference in an elevator Carla attacks Shakir and while she is being pulled away she says that he raped her. When she is brought to SVU Benson and Rollins question her and she tells them that Shakir drugged and raped her and that Bauer paid her to be quiet.

After Tiana and Macie tell the detectives they were raped, Carla is told by Benson that she will have to testify and that they need more evidence. Afterwards, Carla meets with Shakir in the park, where he tells her that if she testifies it would be brought up that she had sex with other athletes, which is later shown to be recorded and Carla gives the recording to Barba as more evidence.

In court Carla testified that she was drugged and raped and that the reason she didn't come forward was because she was worried that she would be humiliated and was afraid for her job. After Tiana admits that she, Carla, and Macie lied, Carla is called in for questioning. During interrogation she keeps saying that Shakir raped her, when Benson tells her that she is not in trouble and that she needs to tell the truth she maintains that she was raped. When it is revealed that she and the other girls lied, the charges against Shakir are dropped, but Carla is never charged for making false accusations.

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