Law and Order

Carlene Ballentine is the wife and accomplice of serial rapist Sebastian Ballentine, and a double murderer and serial kidnapper.


Carlene met Ballentine, whose real name is Henry Palaver, in a prison pen pal program, and fell in love with him. She married him while he was still in prison, and abstained from sex for two years until he was released because he wasn't allowed to have conjugal visits and because she also knew that he had a compulsion to rape young, virginal girls. When he was released, Ballentine could not perform sexually with her because she was not a virgin. Desperate to please Ballentine, she helped him kidnap and rape dozens of young girls. She also murdered a pregnant woman named Dannette Lancour and cut her baby from her womb, passing the child off as her son with Ballentine with the hope that having a family would curb his compulsion to rape.

When Ballentine raped teenager Kaley Sellers, Carlene kills her to cover his tracks. She meets with Ballentine, with her baby in tow, at the Special Victims Unit squad room to support him after he is held on suspicion of Kaley's rape. However, he is visibly irritated by her presence. While Stabler and Benson question her, she breaks under the pressure and reveals her complicity in his crimes, including the murders of Kaley and Dannette. She is arrested along with Ballentine and imprisoned for life, Ballentine ending up trying to strangle her to death and then rejecting her with vulgar insults. Her adoptive son is later returned to his biological father.(SVU: "Pure")

Known Victims

  • 1992-2004, Montreal, Quebec, Canada:
    • At least 12 unnamed virgin girls (assisted Sebastian in their rapes)
    • Dannette Lancour (butchered to death while removing her unborn son via cesarean section)
    • Dannette's unnamed baby son (removed from his mother's womb, kidnapped, and adopted as her son; was rescued)
  • 2005, New York City, New York, U.S.:
    • February 26: Kaley Sellers (strangled)
    • February 27: Sister Peg (kidnapped and assaulted; was rescued)