Carlos Hernandez (Murdered at a Bad Address)
Name Carlos Hernandez
Pathology Alleged murderer
Family Nydia Hernandez (mother; deceased)
Jacinta Hernandez (sister; deceased)
Status Released
Actor Guillermo Diaz
First Appearance "Murdered at a Bad Address"

Carlos Hernandez is a man who was imprisoned for a double murder he did not commit.


In 2003, Hernandez was incarcerated for a double murder he did not commit. He maintained his innocence throughout the whole ordeal, though he did not give an alibi out of fear of being outed as gay in the process. In 2019, when a teenage girl was raped, DNA from the rape kit was linked to the double murder Hernandez was imprisoned for.

After an investigation and finding the real murderer as well as a corrupt district attorney, Hernandez was cleared of all the charges and became a free man. He was later able to mourn the death of his mother and sister, with the help of Detective Tutuola and ADA Carisi. (SVU: "Murdered at a Bad Address")

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