Carlos Hernandez (criminal)
Name Carlos Hernandez
Title O.G.
Affiliation BX9
Occupation Gang leader
Pathology Murderer
Proxy murderer
Proxy rapist
Proxy assailant
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Alex Hernandez
First Appearance "Betrayal's Climax"
Last Appearance "Beast's Obsession"

Carlos Hernandez was the greatly-feared leader of the BX9 Dominican gang.


At an unknown point in his life, Carlos became the leader of a local street gang known as BX9. When a few members were arrested for sodomy in 2012, Marisol Pavel became his girlfriend after her ex-boyfriend turned in everyone involved in the assaults. At some point, he lured in a fellow gang member named Jesus Montero and executed him in front of many of his other gang members. After the deed was done, he got them all to lie and say a rival gang known as the Del Toros killed Jesus instead while trying to kill Carlos. Carlos later set his eyes on recruiting Jesus' brother, Manny, and had members of his gang rob his mother until he joined. As an initiation, he had him rob the pharmacy he works at for some Oxycodone, but Manny was tricked into only taking aspirin.


Carlos first comes into SVU's crosshairs when he leads the gang-rape of Manny's sixteen-year-old girlfriend Avery Capshaw for botching the robbery. SVU arrests all the responsible parties including the boyfriend who knew about the rape. Carlos later leads the beat down of the girl and her parents which results in them backing out of the case. SVU digs a little deeper and finds out that Carlos killed Jesus and made him use the same gun he used in the robbery which results in him flipping on Carlos. When Carlos hears about this he has Manny killed in lock-up and confesses to his girlfriend about the deed. Unfortunately for him, he played right into SVU's hands as they recorded the phone call and use it as evidence not only for Manny's murder, but also to allow his testimony about the rape in. As a result Carlos and his fellow gang members were convicted on rape in the first degree and murder-for-hire in the death of Manny Montero. (SVU: "Betrayal's Climax")

Hernandez is later seen sharing a cell with William Lewis. He is then questioned after the latter escapes. (SVU: "Beast's Obsession")

Known Victims

  • Unknown date in 2012: Jesus Montero (shot once)
  • 2014:
    • February 2: Avery Capshaw (gang-raped with Miguel Castillo and Rigo Heredio)
    • February 4: John and Lydia Capshaw (Avery's parents; beaten by his gang at his orders)
    • February 5: Manny Montero (murdered in a hit ordered by him; hanged and his tongue was removed post-mortem)
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