Carmine (Vanishing Act)
Name Carmine
Occupation Magician
Status Imprisoned
Actor Christopher Lloyd
First Appearance "Vanishing Act"

Carmine is a magician who performs on Coney Island in New York City.


He had been in the business for many years, and by 2008, the public did not regard him as exciting and entertaining, and he drew few people to his performances. He promoted himself as having taught Miles Stone, as well as others, "everything they knew".

Carmine did not know that he would end up thinking he was the instrument of Stone's death, as Stone was placed within a box that Carmine pushed swords into. It was determined that Stone was dead before that, but it was still startling to him. He was subsequently detained by the NYPD's Major Case Squad in order to be questioned. He did, perhaps not surprisingly, escape from custody after obtaining a key to his cell from Officer Jones. He was found later, in his apartment, hiding in a magic dollhouse. Though innocent of murder, he was taken into custody on an escape charge. (CI: "Vanishing Act")

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