Casten Zivkovic
Name Casten Zivkovic
Affiliation Karl Atwood
Pathology Robber
Accomplice to murder
Status Alive
Actor David Ross
First Appearance "One"
Casten Zivkovic was a muscular Serbian that helped Karl Atwood rob a jewelry store.


Casten was hired by Karl to help rob a jewelry store. When the Kerstens left to go on a phony prize trip to Atlantic City, Casten, Jake Nathan and Michael Carson go into the house to start drilling into the jewelry store. Casten stood guard of the entrance of the drilled area by standing at a wall. When Sophie Kersten and her boyfriend went into the room, Caste closed the door and pulled a gun on them. While Sophie's boyfriend was trying to defuse the situation and protect Sophie, Karl got in the room from the tunnel and asked what was going on. Casten watched as Karl calmly and swiftly killed Sophie and her boyfriend and Casten leaves along with Karl and Jake.

By the looks of the events in One, Casten was never caught and got away with his crimes. (CI: "One")

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