Celia Barber
Name Celia Barber
Family Leo Barber (father)
Unnamed mother
Unnamed daughter (mothered with John Plasky)
Unnamed son (mothered with John Plasky)
Status Alive
Actor Emma Holzer
First Appearance Child's Welfare

Celia Barber is a woman who, at the age of thirteen, was kidnapped by John and Magda Plasky and kept as a sex slave.


Barber was kidnapped by John and Magda Plasky while riding her bicycle alongside her father Leo. Afterwards, Barber was put in the basement of an apartment, in which John was the building superintendent, and was told to call him and Magda her parents. During her captivity, she was repeatedly raped by John. A year into her captivity, Barber became pregnant and she was allowed to go outside to buy baby's clothing. She gave birth to a baby girl and was allowed to keep her.

Two years later, Barber gave birth to another child, but John wouldn't allow her to keep it because it was a boy. Magda then abandoned the child on the steps of a church not far away from the hospital where she worked. The SVU detectives investigate and realize that Barber is the child's mother. When they discover Magda's involvement, Detectives Amaro and Rollins get her to take them down to the basement where Barber was kept. When Barber sees the detectives, she became scared for her daughter, but Benson is able to convince her that she and her child are safe. After the Plaskys are arrested, Barber is reunited with her parents and Leo petitions for custody of Barber's two children. (SVU: "Child's Welfare")

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