Celia Lee
Name Celia Lee
Title Dr.
Occupation Pediatrician
Status Alive
Actor Christine Toy Johnson
First Appearance "Holden's Manifesto"
Last Appearance "Granting Immunity"

Dr. Celia Lee is a pediatrician who was assigned to Noah Porter-Benson when he went under the care of Olivia Benson.


While seeing Lee for his immunizations, Noah contracted measles from another boy named Aidan Dole. Lee eventually diagnosed Noah's infection and called Benson over immediately. She decided to have Noah quarantined for everyone's safety and Benson took him home. When Noah's babysitter Lucy Huston noticed he was having a very hard time breathing, Benson rushed Noah to the hospital, where Lee immediately took Noah in to be treated for a severe measles infection. Noah later developed a respiratory infection, prompting Lee to start him on antibiotics to fight the infection and later think about conducting a spinal tap. They later decided against it, and Noah was eventually able to recover on his own. (SVU: "Granting Immunity")


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