Cesaria Amaro
Name Cesaria Amaro
Family Nicolas Fiorello Amaro (ex-husband)
Nick Amaro (son)
Sonya Amaro (daughter)
Maria Grazie
Gilberto Mancheno (grandson)
Zara Amaro (granddaughter)
Status Alive
Actor Nancy Ticotin
First Appearance "Missing Pieces"
Last Appearance "Padre Sandungeuro"

Cesaria Amaro is the mother of Detective Nick Amaro and the grandmother of Zara Amaro and Gilberto Mancheno. She is a former domestic violence victim.


Cesaria is first seen taking Zara Amaro trick-or-treating with her father before he is called on a case. (SVU: "Missing Pieces")

Cesaria is later watching over Zara at her son's house when Sergeant Benson knocks on his door. While Nick and Benson are talking someone shoots through the windows nearly hitting her and Zara while Zara screams. (SVU: "Amaro's One-Eighty")

Nick later calls Cesaria to watch Noah Porter in the hospital while they look for Holden March. She runs into Noah's case worker Chantal Jackson while watching Noah at some point. (SVU: "Holden's Manifesto")

When her ex-husband Nicholas is about to get married to a woman named Gabriella Nuñez, she gives him her blessing and talks with her son about the whole thing at her apartment. She tells him she is going to the wedding because she promised her daughter Sonya and Nick thinks it's because she borrowed money from him. When Sonya arrives Cesaria urges Nick to be nice and he opens the door. At the rehearsal party she and Zara are celebrating the fact that they are sitting next to each other at the wedding. She is later running out of the venue with Zara when a riot breaks out with Amaro and Nuñez families fighting against each other over Nicholas beating Gabriella. Nick orders two officers to take them home while he finds out whats going on. When Nicholas is arrested they all argue over the incident where Sonya is defending her father, Nick is accusing him and Cesaria is blaming Gabriella for getting hit, meaning she believes Nicholas did hit her. After Nick testifies against Nicholas she and Sonya are angry at him for doing that but Nick contends he did the right thing. (SVU: "Padre Sandungeuro")


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