Chantal Jackson
Name Chantal Jackson
Affiliation Social Services
Occupation Social Worker
Status Alive
Actor Thedra Porter
First Appearance "Downloaded Child"
Last Appearance "Surrendering Noah"

Chantal Jackson is a social worker who was assigned to Noah Porter-Benson's case. She monitored him and Olivia Benson when she was Noah's foster mother at the time.


Chantal was present at Corporation Counsel Pippa Cox and Corporation Counsel Bartell's court proceedings with Judge Ruth Linden in finding a permanent home for Noah. Eventually, Ruth asked if Benson wanted to become Noah's foster mother. Noah is later handed over to Benson by Chantal. (SVU: "Downloaded Child", "Spring Awakening")

Noah eventually became seriously ill and was hospitalized. Benson, who was investigating a serious case about a dangerous serial sexual assailant at the time, was unable to be at the hospital, subsequently leaving Noah with his babysitter Lucy Huston. Chantal was furious about this and suspected that Benson was being a neglectful guardian. (SVU: "Holden's Manifesto")

She later testified in court, against Benson, about her concerns for Noah's well-being. However, despite this and Benson's ability to make it to the hearings due to a case, Linden still permitted Benson to maintain custody over Noah. (SVU: "Pattern Seventeen")

Eventually, Benson was granted legal guardianship after Noah's biological father, Johnny Drake, was killed during a courtroom shootout. Chantal inspected Benson's home one last time to make sure it was safe for Noah, before confirming it is up to her standards. Along with Linden, she confirms Benson as Noah's mother. (SVU: "Surrendering Noah")


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