Charlie Phillips
Name Charlie Phillips
Title Chief Assistant District Attorney
Affiliation Manhattan District Attorney's Office
Occupation Attorney
Status Alive
Actor Jeffrey DeMunn
First Appearance "Baby Killer"
Last Appearance "Countdown"

Charlie Phillips was a Chief Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan.


When Elias Barrera shot and killed one of his classmates, Carly Jackson, Phillips decides to use the case to bolster his campaign for the DA's office in the fall. Phillips orders Alexandra Cabot to have Elias charged with murder while Cabot tries to use Elias' age to dissuade him. Phillips states the law is not open for interpretation on the matter since Elias is seven. If Elias was a year younger Phillips would send him home to his parents but since he isn't he can be charged. Cabot vehemently argues that the youngest they ever convicted was 11 and Phillips counters that was before Columbine and how people are sick of the random killings. Cabot strongly objects to charging the boy but Phillips is adamant and had him arraigned in family court.

It is discovered Elias shot Carly accidentally while aiming at a drug dealer and double murderer named Machete, who was threatening him and is arrested. Cabot goes to Phillips who initially thinks she wants the Machete case, which is assigned to E.A.D.A. Jack McCoy, but Cabot states she wants to dismiss the charges on Elias. Phillips refuses to drop the charges even though Elias' drawing broke the case and Elias believes he is going to hell for killing Carly. Phillips gets a phone call while they are talking and they both head down. Phillips says he is willing to have the charges amended to manslaughter but Cabot declines citing the environmental causes to the shooting: Elias' sister's condition, overworking parents, inattentive nanny, drug dealer associates. Cabot is outraged buy Phillips says he has the DA's support and wants someone brought to justice. At a press conference for the shooting he gives a vague statement about justice being served and sandbags Cabot by introducing her as the ADA prosecuting the case and placing Elias in her hands. When Cabot dismisses the case against Elias and Carly's mother tells the press she supports this decision, Phillips is pleased and he tells Cabot she can take Sunday off. (SVU: "Baby Killer")

When Clayton Mills is arrested for multiple kidnappings, rapes, and murders of children and offers to disclose the location of his first victim to avoid the death penalty, Cabot brings the offer to Phillips. Due to the public pressure to convict and seek the death penalty he initially refuses, even believing the unknown victim's mother wants to see him die too. But Cabot brings up knowing what happened to her daughter would be more important, but Phillips is still adamant. Cabot brings in Sophie Douglas' mother in and she explains that while she hates Mills' guts she cannot stop thinking about what the first victim's mother is going through. While initially shocked, this manages to convince Phillips to authorize Mills' deal and his first victim is eventually unearthed. (SVU: Countdown)