Charmaine Briggs
Name Charmaine Briggs
Pathology Murderer
Domestic abuser
Alleged rapist
Family Walter Briggs (husband)
Delilah Briggs (stepdaughter)
Judith Briggs (stepdaughter)
Status Alive
Actor Marcia Cross
First Appearance "December Solstice"

Charmaine Briggs is a woman who murdered her elderly husband Walter Briggs by neglecting to assist him when he had a heart attack.


Charmaine was married to Walter Briggs, a highly esteemed author who had a deadly heart condition. Due to her lack of care, Walter's daughters suspected she was being abusive towards him. When Walter suffered from a heart attack, instead of calling for medical attention, Charmaine called a cab and planned to take Walter to Quebec. Due to the time wasted, Walter died at the hospital.

After this, Charmaine had an anal erectile procedure done on Walter, ejecting sperm from him and used it to impregnate herself. Charmaine was ultimately charged with murder. In court, Charmaine protested that she wanted to take Walter to a quiet, peaceful place to pass away. Eventually, Charmaine pleaded guilty after making a deal, and was sentenced to one year of probation. Afterwards, Charmaine confirmed that she was pregnant with Walter's baby.

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