L&O, Episode 19.08
Production number: 190--
First aired: 7 January 2009
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Written By
William N. Fordes & Matthew McGough

Directed By
Jim McKay


While investigating the deaths of two married divorce lawyers, Detectives Lupo and Bernard uncover a connection to couple running a Haitian child slavery ring.


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Haiti; Bellamy & Bellamy



  • Jack McCoy: Eight and a half million, that's how many children are sold into slavery each year.
  • Anita Van Buren: Well this plantation has closed.

  • Michael Cutter: Jack, meet the Johnsons. Among other things they're being charged with murder.
  • Detective Cyrus Lupo: [to the Johnsons] Let's go say hi to some of your friends.

[takes them to a cell]

  • Kevin Bernard: [to a Haitian girl] Come on sweetheart, it's alright, your working days are over.

  • Michael Cutter: (referring to the Johnsons) I wanna rip these people a new one.
  • Anita van Buren: Take a number, counselor.

  • Anita van Buren: The State Department said they'll pressure the Haitians to keep looking for the girl.
  • Cyrus Lupo: Good luck. That place could swallow this whole squad without breaking a sweat.

  • Kevin Bernard: We'll call Rubirosa for a subpoena.
  • Cyrus Lupo: Well, actually, in law school, that's what we call not such a good idea.

  • Liz Bellamy: If we're wrong, we could get disbarred.
  • Fred Bellamy: Like the world can't spare two lawyers?

  • Cyrus Lupo: (to Bernard) Lovable divorce lawyers. It's like killing an endangered species.

  • Patrick Johnson: Why can't I go home?
  • Rubirosa: Back to the Johnsons? After what they did you?
  • Patrick Johnson: No. To Haiti. Why can't I go home to Haiti? That is good. I will see my Ma.
  • Michael Cutter: That's not how it works, Patrick. You committed a very serious crime.
  • Patrick Johnson: Please!
  • Michael Cutter: Sorry, Patrick.
  • Guard: (to the line of prisoners) Okay, let's go, on your feet.
  • Patrick Johnson: I will never be free.

Background information and notes

Background information and notes

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