L&O, Episode 9.01
Production number: E0203
First aired: 23 September 1998
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Van Buren Curtis Briscoe Cherished
Teleplay By
Kathy McCormick

Story By
Kathy McCormick, Carl Nelson & Scott Tobin

Directed By
Ed Sherin


After a baby girl is found dead, Briscoe and Curtis investigate the family and learn that her adopted family and brother were trying to keep some painful secrets. Jack McCoy gets a new partner, Abbie Carmichael, who had a 95% percent success rate in her four years with Special Narcotics. Together McCoy and Carmichael try to prove that the little girl's brother committed the crime.


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[McCoy and Carmichael disagree on whether or not to accept a plea bargain for the Connerys]
McCoy: They'll be pariahs for the rest of their lives.
Carmichael: They lose a few friends. That's your idea of justice?
McCoy: 3-6 years in a state prison is not a cake walk. How many drug dealers got a free pass from you?
Carmichael: The ones who could give me someone bigger in return. All the Connerys have to offer is their plea-bargained remorse. She's still trying to blame it on Kostov. Did you see her husband cut her off?
McCoy: She's the least culpable of the 3.
Carmichael: [exasperated] Oh, gentlemen, please! That sorry excuse for a woman has a hole in her soul.
Schiff: That's enough.
McCoy: I can take care of myself, Adam.
Schiff: Then remain objective. It was Edward Connery's actions that directly caused the little girl's death, and he's an attorney. He knew what he was doing.
McCoy: The Connerys will never do this again. Kostov has and will, over and over again.
Schiff: Are Kostov's children better off in the new homes?
Carmichael: All but Marianna. [beat] I have a solution that will make us all happy.
McCoy: What's that?
Carmichael: No deals for anybody. Let's hang 'em all.
[Schiff snickers]

[after Kostov and the Connerys have been convicted of the baby's death]
Carmichael: Man-1 all around. I'll start working on the pre-sentencing reports. Any suggestions?
McCoy: You mean who should spend more time in prison? Kostov or the Connerys? Don't get me started.
Carmichael: We can always skip the report and take no position. Leave it to the judge.
McCoy: Let's do that for the sake of world peace.
Carmichael: The Waring's filed a petition to get their son back. We have until the end of the week to file our objections.
McCoy: Can you and I agree that we're too busy?
Carmichael: [beat] Deal.

Background information and notes

  • At one time in this episode, Abbie says, "We're not talking about a couple of teenagers who killed their newborn because they were scared." Interestingly enough, Episode 159 ("Denial") dealt with that exact situation.
  • Benjamin Bratt's introductory image changes in the opening montage, as does S. Epatha Merkerson's. This is the third time for Bratt, a series record.
  • Angie Harmon's first contract appearance as A.D.A. Abbie Carmichael.

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New York Supreme Court
100 Centre Street
Thursday, June 12

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122 Lafayette Street
Monday, June 16

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Judge Lillian Barone
Tuesday, June 24

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Chambers of
Judge Harold Rockwell
Friday, July 18

Supreme Court
Trial Part 87
Thursday, September 4

Supreme Court
Trial Part 87
Thursday, September 11

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