Chicago Med


Format Medical Drama
Picture Format 480i (SDTV),
1080i (HDTV)
Running Time 40–45 minutes
Created by Dick Wolf
Matt Olmstead
Developed by Michael Brandt
Derek Haas
Starring See below
Narrated By
Opening Theme
Country of origin United States
Language English
Original channel NBC
Original run 17 November 2015
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 82
(As of present)
List of episodes See below
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"An emotional thrill ride through the day-to-day chaos of the city's newest state-of-the-art trauma center and into the lives of the courageous doctors, nurses and staff who hold it all together. This is one of those days."

Chicago Med is an American medical drama television series created by Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead as the second spin-off from Chicago Fire and the third installment of Dick Wolf’s Chicago Franchise. The series premiered on NBC on November 17, 2015. The show follows the emergency room doctors and nurses of Gaffney Chicago Medical Center as they tackle unique new cases and forge fiery relationships in the pulse-pounding pandemonium of the emergency room.


The pilot was introduced as planned spinoff in Season 3, Episode 19 of Chicago Fire , titled "I Am the Apocalypse".


Main Cast and Characters

Image Actor Character Seasons
Nick Gehlfuss Doctor
Will Halstead
Seasons 1-present
Yaya DaCosta Nurse
April Sexton
Seasons 1-present
Torrey DeVitto Doctor
Natalie Manning
Seasons 1-present
Colin Donnell Doctor
Connor Rhodes
Seasons 1-present
Brian Tee Doctor
Ethan Choi
Seasons 1-present
Marlyne Barrett Charge Nurse
Maggie Lockwood
Seasons 1-present
Norma Kuhling Doctor
Ava Bekker
Seasons 3-present
S. Epatha Merkerson Chief Administrator
Sharon Goodwin
Seasons 1-present
Oliver Platt Doctor
Daniel Charles
Seasons 1-present

Previous Cast and Characters

Image Actor Character Seasons
Rachel DiPillo Doctor
Sarah Reese
Seasons 1-3

Crossover Guest Stars

Image Actor Character Episodes
Philip Winchester Assistant State's Attorney
Peter Stone
3.01 Speak Your Truth


Season 1

Image Episode Sypnosis Original Airdate
Cm11 1.01 (#1)
Chicago Med is stretched to its limits when an elevated train crash brings Chicago to its knees. November 17, 2015
Cm12 1.02 (#2)
Dr. Choi must put aside his emotions when treating a mother who abandoned her newborn child in an alley. November 24, 2015
Cm13 1.03 (#3)
Dr. Rhodes' complicated past crashes into the emergency department as a friend's life hangs in the balance. December 1, 2015
Cm14 1.04 (#4)
In the aftermath of a movie theater shooting, Chicago Med must treat the wounded and try to find out what really happened. December 8, 2015
Cm15 1.05 (#5)
A member of the firehouse family clings to life and members of the Chicago Med staff discover a highly unusual parallel between cases. January 5, 2016
Cm16 1.06 (#6)
Dr. Rhodes family secrets are brought into the open, Sharon Goodwin is left to deal with Homeland Security and Dr. Manning's life is about to forever change. January 19, 2016
Cm17 1.07 (#7)
Sharon Goodwin is faced with the prospect of putting her job on the line for a patient in need. January 26, 2016
Cm18 1.08 (#8)
Royalty checks into Chicago Med and Dr. Manning returns to work. February 2, 2016
Cm19 1.09 (#9)
Dr. Halstead puts his career in jeopardy when he acts against a family's orders. February 9, 2016
Cm110 1.10 (#10)
Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Downey must set aside differences to help treat a 9/11 hero. February 16, 2016
Cm111 1.11 (#11)
Dr. Rhodes and Dr.Choi must set aside their own opinions and listen to the request of a dying patient. February 23, 2016
Cm112 1.12 (#12)
Nurse Lockwood makes a stand and gets arrested. March 29, 2016
Cm113 1.13 (#13)
A husband makes a request following the death of his wife and Dr. Charles tries to reason with a patient suffering from an unusual disorder. April 5, 2016
Cm114 1.14 (#14)
An unusual case tests Dr. Choi while Dr. Manning treats a young boy with a wrist injury, but suspects deeper problems exist. April 19, 2016
Cm115 1.15 (#15)
Dr. Manning is forced to make a difficult decision and Dr. Halstead reconnects with his past. April 26, 2016
Cm116 1.16 (#16)
Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Downey disagree on a patient's emergency heart surgery. May 3, 2016
Cm117 1.17 (#17)
April and Dr. Halstead treat a patient struggling with alcohol addiction. May 10, 2016
Cm118 1.18 (#18)
Dr. Rhodes treats his mentor and Dr. Halstead gets some clarity. May 17, 2016

Season 2

Image Episode Sypnosis Original Airdate
Cm21 2.01 (#19)
Soul Care
Change is in order inside Chicago Med. September 22, 2016
Cm22 2.02 (#20)
Win Loss
Dr. Choi mentors a Navy Corpsman and two cases find a surprising connection. September 29, 2016
Cm23 2.03 (#21)
Natural History
Family secrets are brought to the surface when Maggie's sibling comes to town. October 6, 2016
Cm24 2.04 (#22)
Brother's Keeper
Dr. Charles' daughter Robin becomes the newest member of the hospital's Epidemiology Department and is immediately challenged by cases of a rare infection. October 13, 2016
Cm25 2.05 (#23)
Extreme Measures
An accident at the site of the Chicago Marathon launches Chicago Med personnel who are on the scene into action. October 20, 2016
Cm26 2.06 (#24)
Alternative Medicine
Dr. Reese gets a return visit from a troubled young teen in a seemingly hopeless situation. October 27, 2016
Cm27 2.07 (#25)
Inherent Bias
Goodwin is reunited with a dear friend and Dr. Halstead works to get his finances in order. November 3, 2016
Cm28 2.08 (#26)
Free Will
April faces a big hurdle and Dr. Charles is concerned about his daughter's interest in Dr. Rhodes. November 10, 2016
Cm29 2.09 (#27)
Uncharted Territory
April faces a setback and Dr. Choi deals with a case involving two fighters that teaches him a valuable lesson along the way. January 5, 2017
Cm210 2.10 (#28)
Heart Matters
Maggie confronts her past when a police officer who arrested her is brought into Chicago Med. January 12, 2017
Cm211 2.11 (#29)
Graveyard Shift
It's a difficult shift for Dr. Reese and Dr. Rhodes is tasked with operating on a mystery patient. January 19, 2017
Cm212 2.12 (#30)
Mirror Mirror
The doctors at Chicago Med are put to the test. February 2, 2017
Cm213 2.13 (#31)
Theseus' Ship
Dr. Manning deals with a young patient and his father that forces her to make a difficult decision. February 9, 2017
Cm214 2.14 (#32)
Cold Front
A traumatic multi-vehicle accident during a blizzard seriously taxes Chicago Med. February 16, 2017
Cm215 2.15 (#33)
Lose Yourself
Dr. Rhodes takes care of a patient whose accident has become a media sensation and April befriends a young woman with a failing heart. March 2, 2017
Cm216 2.16 (#34)
Prisoner's Dilemma
Dr. Manning is faced with treating a young woman in a vegetative state who is unexpectedly pregnant. March 9, 2017
Cm217 2.17 (#35)
Monday Mourning
A staff member's suicide leaves the doctors and nurses shaken. March 16, 2017
Cm218 2.18 (#36)
Lesson Learned
Will fights to save his former teacher and Rhodes performs a risky surgery. March 30, 2017
Cm219 2.19 (#37)
Ctrl Alt
Choas ensues when the hospital operating system is hacked by an unknown source. April 6, 2017
Cm220 2.20 (#38)
Generation Gap
Trying family matters arise for the doctors at Chicago Med. April 13, 2017
Cm221 2.21 (#39)
Deliver Us
A sick family proves to be a complicated case for the doctors. April 27, 2017
Cm222 2.22 (#40)
White Butterflies
The doctors disagree about how to treat one of their own. May 4, 2017
Cm223 2.23 (#41)
Love Hurts
Robin experiences complications and a new face arrives at the hospital. May 11, 2017

Season 3

Image Episode Sypnosis Original Airdate
Cm31 3.01 (#42)
Speak Your Truth
The shooting of Dr. Charles moves to the courtroom and things turn complicated for the doctors and nurses of Chicago Med. November 21, 2017
Cm32 3.02 (#43)
Nothing To Fear
Natalie takes matters into her own hands in dealing with a complicated pregnancy while Dr. Choi and April try to strike a balance at work. November 28, 2017
Cm33 3.03 (#44)
Trust Your Gut
Pressure from the hospital board forces Goodwin to make changes at Med. December 5, 2017
Cm34 3.04 (#45)
Naughty or Nice
Dr. Charles puts his life on the line to help a patient. December 12, 2017
Cm35 3.05 (#46)
Mountains and Molehills
Dr. Choi and Goodwin argue over medical ethics when a patient refuses to take an HIV test but still demands treatment. January 2, 2018
Cm36 3.06 (#47)
Ties That Bind
Natalie is tasked with sharing surprising news to a patient while Goodwin and Maggie hatch a plan. January 9, 2018
Cm37 3.07 (#48)
Over Troubled Water
Dr. Charles is faced with a tough decision when a patient gives birth to a baby that is addicted to heroin. January 16, 2018
Cm38 3.08 (#49)
Lemons and Lemonade
Dr. Choi feels helpless when a patient refuses necessary treatment. January 23, 2018
Cm39 3.09 (#50)
On Shaky Ground
Dr. Choi and April are forced to make a tough decision regarding a young girl while Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Bekker take on a complicated surgical case. February 6, 2018
Cm310 3.10 (#51)
Down by Law
Dr. Manning sustains an injury while helping a drive-by victim and Dr. Rhodes finds himself in uncomfortable waters. February 27, 2018
Cm311 3.11 (#52)
Folie à Deux
Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Bekker try to save a misdiagnosed patient while Dr. Choi is on a mission to figure out what happened during a stabbing at his apartment complex. March 6, 2018
Cm312 3.12 (#53)
Born This Way
Dr. Manning and Dr. Choi are faced with a tough decision. March 20, 2018
Cm313 3.13 (#54)
Best Laid Plans
When a mother makes a decision regarding care of her vegetative adult son, Dr. Halstead and Dr. Manning find themselves at odds. March 27, 2018
Cm314 3.14 (#55)
Lock It Down
After a baby is abducted from Med, Goodwin enlists the help of Dr. Charles and Dr. Reese to find the suspect. April 3, 2018
Cm315 3.15 (#56)
Devil In Disguise
Dr. Charles and Dr. Reese search for answers when a mother brings in her daughter claiming she is possessed. April 10, 2018
Cm316 3.16 (#57)
An Inconvenient Truth
After taking the lead on a surgery, Dr. Bekker feels the heat after something goes wrong. April 17, 2018
Cm317 3.17 (#58)
The Parent Trap
After a 10-year-old boy is admitted to the hospital, Dr. Manning and Dr. Halstead disagree on how to best handle the boy's parents. April 24, 2018
Cm318 3.18 (#59)
This Is Now
After a shooting occurs during a block party at a local park, Med is overrun with victims that stretch the hospital and staff to its limits. May 1, 2018
Cm319 3.19 (#60)
Crisis Of Confidence
Dr. Manning rushes to save a young boy who has a life-threatening case of the flu. May 8, 2018
Cm320 3.20 (#61)
The Tipping Point
Dr. Rhodes second guesses his decision to remove himself from the team of doctors who work to separate conjoined twins. May 15, 2018

Season 4

Image Episode Sypnosis Original Airdate
Cm0401 4.01 (#62)
Be My Better Half
Goodwin finds herself quickly clashing with the new hospital COO Gwen Garrett while April questions whether or not Ethan's sister, Emily, is using again. September 26, 2018
Cm0402 4.02 (#63)
When to Let Go
The doctors and nurses of Chicago Med find themselves on high alert when an overflow of patients are rushed into the doors following a terrifying apartment complex blaze. October 3, 2018
Cm0403 4.03 (#64)
Heavy Is the Head
When a sick boy is brought in, Ethan is faced with a tough decision that quickly escalates into a complicated and dangerous situation. October 10, 2018
Cm0404 4.04 (#65)
Backed Against the Wall
Dr. Halstead gets an unplanned visit from the CPD while Ethan is skeptical of a woman who is experiencing chronic pain. October 17, 2018
Cm0405 4.05 (#66)
What You Don't Know...
When things become complicated, Will is forced to lie to Natalie. October 24, 2018
Cm0406 4.06 (#67)
Lesser of Two Evils
Dr. Manning and Dr. Halstead become skeptical of a patient's injuries when the victim of a car accident is brought into the hospital. October 31, 2018
Cm0407 4.07 (#68)
The Poison Inside Us
The hospital is forced to evacuate when a toxic chemical is brought into the E.D., leaving patients and the staff in grave danger. November 7, 2018
Cm0408 4.08 (#69)
Play By My Rules
Dr. Charles struggles to convince Dr. Choi that surgery isn't always the answer. November 14, 2018
Cm0409 4.09 (#70)
Death Do Us Part
Will and Natalie prepare for their big day, but an unsuspecting Will soon finds himself sidetracked. December 5, 2018
Cm0410 4.10 (#71)
All The Lonely People
April finds herself in a dangerous situation and Natalie gets an update on Will. January 9, 2019
Cm0411 4.11 (#72)
Who Can You Trust
Will adjusts to hospital life in the aftermath of his recent undercover activities. January 16, 2019
Cm0412 4.12 (#73)
The Things We Do
Dr. Halstead rushes to rescue Dr. Manning after she is involved in a Medevac helicopter crash. January 23, 2019
Cm0413 4.13 (#74)
Ghosts in the Attic
Dr. Halstead withholds some important information from Dr. Manning and she begins to question his suspect behavior. February 6, 2019
Cm0414 4.14 (#75)
Can't Unring That Bell
Will's personal issues continue to interfere with his relationship with Natalie and his life at the hospital. February 13, 2019
Cm0415 4.15 (#76)
We Hold These Truths
After witnessing a pick-up truck plow through a street fair, Natalie and Maggie are forced to make some tough decisions on the fly. February 20, 2019
Cm0416 4.16 (#77)
Old Flames, New Sparks
Natalie and Will grow further apart. Dr. Charles struggles to come to terms with his feelings toward his ex-wife. February 27, 2019
Cm0417 4.17 (#78)
The Space Between Us
When a car unexpectedly smashes through the ambulance bay doors, Dr. Choi makes some difficult decisions in an effort to save a worker trapped beneath the wreckage and April, who's also in danger. March 27, 2019
Cm0418 4.18 (#79)
Tell Me The Truth
Dr. Rhodes receives an alarming phone call that prompts him to rush out in the middle of an important surgery. April 3, 2019
Cm0419 4.19 (#80)
Never Let You Go
The hospital goes into lockdown mode when a man with a gun holds medical staff hostage. April 24, 2019
Cm0420 4.20 (#81)
More Harm Than Good
Dr. Charles and Dr. Manning disagree on how to handle a patient who they discover is poisoning herself. May 8, 2019
Cm0421 4.21 (#82)
Forever Hold Your Peace
Caroline has news to share, forcing Dr. Charles to make a serious decision about their relationship. May 15, 2019
Cm0422 4.22 (#83)
With a Brave Heart
Dr. Charles and Caroline set some major plans. Ava fights to keep her relationship with Connor. Agent Lee informs Will of news that may put his life in danger. May 22, 2019

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