Law and Order
Law and Order
SVU, Episode 8.09
Production number: 08010
First aired: 28 November 2006
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Written By
Paul Grellong

Directed By
Peter Leto


When gorgeous model Danielle Masoner dies in Central Park, Elliot follows the lead to a homeless man who turns out to be a witness to Danielle's death. He is partnered up with Olivia (who is back from undercover) and during the investigation, they discover that Danielle's husband Wesley was having an affair with one of their friends, Naomi Cheales, which makes them think that Wesley is responsible for his wife's death, but then suspicion soon turns toward Naomi's husband, Glenn, who was keeping a close eye on his wife.


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Melinda Warner: Where's Detective Beck?
Elliot Stabler: Uh, Dani went back to warrants.
Melinda Warner: You gettin' another partner soon?
Elliot Stabler: They've run out.

Elliot Stabler: You offering to be my partner?
Donald Cragen: I'm not your type.
Elliot Stabler: (grins) I don't know. Maybe I'd have better luck with a guy. Women keep leaving me.

Steve: Why you gotta be so rough?
Elliot Stabler: Cause you still got one arm left to break.
Olivia Benson: You know, my partner's got a real anger management problem. I thought he had it under control, but apparently, I was wrong.

(Stabler looks at Benson)

Elliot Stabler: Well, trust me, I've had a bad couple of weeks here.
Olivia Benson: Seriously, he will break your arm.

Olivia Benson: So you get an affair, I get a fairy tale.
Elliot Stabler: I wonder what Dani would have said.

(Olivia looks at Elliot)

Olivia Benson: Dani?
Elliot Stabler: The victim.
Olivia Benson: Danielle.
Elliot Stabler: That's what I just said. Is something bothering you?
Olivia Benson: No.

(after claiming his former houseguest's injuries were sustained in a drug-related accident)

He tripped down the stairs, in every sense of the word.

–Wesley Masoner

Geneva Dworkin: I don't date guys, and nobody ever calls me Gen. (looks Olivia over) What's your name?
Olivia Benson: Detective.

Melinda Warner: [looks at Elliot] So you're recycling old partners.
Olivia Benson: Old?
Melinda Warner: Welcome back, Liv.

John Munch: [to Olivia] Hey Liv. I should have brought some welcome-back cupcakes.

Stella Danquis: How do you jump from adultery to murder?
Elliot Stabler: The dieldrin under your sink, you telling Naomi you'll be a free man soon...
Wesley Masoner: Well I didn't mean it like that, damn it!
Stella Danquis: (sharply) Enough, darling.

Stella Danquis: The dieldrin could've been left by a previous tenant. The Masoners only moved in about eight months ago.
Elliot Stabler: Do the juries actually buy these fairytales you tell?
Stella Danquiss: (smiles) Like I'm Tinkerbell.

Man, I tell you, she leaves, the room temperature goes up five degrees.

–Elliot Stabler, on Stella Danquiss

Agent Hellerman: Hey, I got a wild idea. How about you and me--
Olivia Benson: You should save your energy for fighting terrorists.

(police have learned that Glenn Cheales implanted an RFID chip in his wife's shoulder)

High-tech way of keeping tabs on your cheating wife. Guy invented a ho-jack.

–Elliot Stabler

Naomi Cheales: Why did you do this?
Glenn Cheales: I thought you were cheating on me. (sad smile) I was right.
Naomi Cheales: (coldly) Do you feel better?

Olivia Benson: Love's a bitch.
Elliot Stabler: Tell me about it.
Olivia Benson: You know, we've been partners all these years. I don't even know your blood type.
Elliot Stabler: A-positive.
Olivia Benson: How 'bout that? Me too.


Elliot Stabler: I'd give you a kidney.
Olivia Benson: Not if I gave you mine first

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Background information and notes

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Central Park
Tuesday, October 31

Café Gabrielle
926 Seventh Avenue
Wednesday, November 1

Radialus Dance Company
256 Spring Street
Wednesday, November 1

Cheales' Residence
453 East 94th Street
Wednesday, November 1

5 6 7 8

Wesley Masoner's Loft
368 West 55th Street
Wednesday, November 1

Department of
Homeland Security
New York Field Office
Thursday, November 2

Mercy General Hospital
365 West 32nd Street
Friday, November 3

City of New York
Department of Correction
Office of Tom Sablone
Friday, November 3

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