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Christian Garland is the former Deputy Chief of the Special Victims Unit, replacing William Dodds.


Garland immediately made an impression on the detectives after going undercover in order to catch a serial rapist targeting black men in gay bars. (SVU: "Down Low In Hell's Kitchen")

Garland witnessed the protests from both pro-life and pro-choice activists after Evangeline Miller wished to get an abortion following her rape at the hands of her stepfather. He stood by Evangeline's choice and helped grant custody for her to get an abortion. (SVU: "The Burden Of Our Choices")

When a young woman was sexually assaulted and drugged, Garland assisted the Special Victims Unit with their case. He referred to Julius Adler as a false prophet and showed anger towards Adler's actions. (SVU: "We Dream Of Machine Elves")

After arresting rapist Steve Getz and his counselor Peter Abrams for blackmail, he was threatened by both Getz and Abrams. However, Garland showed no sign of backing down and firmly told the two men that they will be charged. (SVU: "Must Be Held Accountable")

When an agent with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement was arrested on rape charges, he assisted the SVU in investigating the case alongside Sergeant Hasim Khaldun. (SVU: "I Deserve Some Loving Too")

When his reverend Delman Chase was arrested on statutory rape and embezzlement charges, Garland was distraught when Chase shared his anger towards him to the media. When Chase was imprisoned for his actions, Garland visited him in prison but Chase acted psychotic, claiming the Lord was testing him and put him in prison to help his fellow prisoners follow God. Garland left Chase to serve his sentence and cried after leaving him. (SVU: "Garland's Baptism By Fire")

Garland met Barba who was defending a father who murdered his daughter's foster father who had raped her. He told Barba he was pleased to meet him. (SVU: "Sightless in a Savage Land")

Garland was threatened by Judge Charles Gallagher, who was planning to become a politician, about going forward with investigating sexual assault allegations against him as well as corruption allegations. (SVU: "The Long Arm Of The Witness")

Garland worked with Benson and Lieutenant Carolyn Barek from the Bronx Special Victims Unit to track down a serial rapist who had struck in both boroughs. When the rapist turned out to be a sergeant from Barek's unit, Garland and Benson comforted Barek, who didn't know if she could continue in her line of work due to the revelations. (SVU: "Hunt, Trap, Rape and Release")

When Kathy Stabler was severely injured in a car bombing, Garland warned Benson not to allow Elliot to get involved in the case or interrogate any of the suspects involved. He later expressed his annoyance to Benson about allowing Elliot into the interrogation room and told her not to let it happen again. When Kathy died from her injuries, Garland informed Benson that SVU was no longer involved in the case. (SVU: "Return Of The Prodigal Son")

Following a highly controversial case, Garland decided to resign from his position to avoid a possible sacking in the future, which was advised to him by his father. He was replaced by Tommy McGrath. (SVU: "Never Turn Your Back On Them")



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