Chuck Mills
Name Chuck Mills
Occupation College student
Pathology Murderer
Alleged rapist
Family Unborn child (fathered with Carla Vincent; deceased)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Charlie Barnett
First Appearance "Gray"

Chuck Mills was a murderer and assailant who was accused of raping a fellow college student, although this was never proven to be true.


While Detective Stabler was speaking at a "Take Back the Night" rally at Chuck's college, where his daughter Kathleen was also a student, a student named Bethany Jennings accused Chuck of raping her. Chuck was taken in for questioning, but he says that Bethany made a hate webpage about him. The case becomes complicated when Kathleen gives her father Chuck's disciplinary file, admitting that she was Bethany's sober buddy in campus, and that she left Bethany for a few minutes, after which Bethany left with Chuck.

Stabler and Detective Benson interview Chuck's girlfriend, Carla Vincent, who claims she was pregnant with Chuck's baby, but took a "love potion" that was used to kill their unborn child. As a result, Chuck is arrested for second-degree abortion and first-degree assault. Later, Carla ends up dead from toxic shock syndrome caused by the love potion. The abortion charge is dropped, but the assault charge is upgraded to second-degree manslaughter, for which Chuck is convicted and sent to prison. (SVU: "Gray")

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