Chuck Rodman
Name Chuck Rodman
Title Assistant U.S. Attorney
Affiliation United States Department of Justice
Division Southern District
Occupation Attorney
Status Alive
Actor Hugh O'Gorman
First Appearance "Causa Mortis"
Last Appearance "Legacy"

Chuck Rodman is an assistant U.S. attorney who went to Columbia with Jamie Ross back in 1986.


When a judge tosses out tape evidence against a carjack-murderer, Fernando Salva, Ross calls Rodman for help. Ross introduces Rodman to her new boss, EADA Jack McCoy, and Rodman offers to take the case off their hands. Rodman explains that with federal anti-carjacking laws and the federal government’s standards allowing the tape back, Rodman can guarantee a conviction with a death penalty sentence imposed. With Ross backing Rodman, McCoy says he will consider the US Attorney’s offer and Rodman leaves, dissatisfied. McCoy and Ross later call Rodman back when the judge tosses the gun Fernando used to bash her head in with out as well due to collusion between Fernando and his girlfriend and accomplice, Anna Galvez. Rodman listens as McCoy threatens Galvez with the the federal death penalty unless she testifies against her boyfriend and Rodman realizes they used him. As Rodman leaves he tells Ross he won’t be returning her calls. (L&O: "Causa Mortis")

When the police arrest Howard Philips and Estelle Muller in the attempted murder-for-hire of James Shepherd, Rodman sets up a meeting between Ross, McCoy, Phillips, and Phillips’ attorney. Rodman offers McCoy and Ross a deal: they can prosecute Muller if Rodman can have Phillips. Rodman explains that Phillips is a hitman who has worked for two crime families and can use Phillips as a witness in other cases. Rodman will impose a sentence under a different name but Phillips’ attorney will allow Phillips to testify at Muller’s trial. The point is rendered moot after Muller takes a plea and Rodman moves forward with his case. (L&O: "Legacy")

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