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The Church of Wisdom and Sight was a cult led by Eugene Hoff (under the alias of Abraham Ophion). It is located at 104 West 120th Street.

The cult was based on the beliefs of Abraham. He preached that the serpent was Christ. He had a tattoo of this serpent on his right arm.


The cult made a drastic change, when Eugene became paranoid. He kept telling his followers that they were going to be punished for their beliefs and that their government had plans to kill them all. He said that they had to be ready to defend themselves. This led to the collection of weapons, trips to the firing range, and storing food. He started separating the married couples, because he said that they couldn't be soldiers of God if they were slaves to the flesh. Eventually, he managed to send most of the men away, and used his female followers as slaves. He also talked about purity and goodness of children. But he only paid attention to the girls.

Followers Carl and Simone Buchman left the Church of Wisdom and Sight, after Carl caught Eugene, stripped down to his shorts, with their daughter, Janie. Eugene shot follower John Cramer through the head, and stashed him inside a wall of his house. Cramer was found ten years later, during an investigation into the death of seven children; six of which turned out to be Abraham's. Cramer joined Abraham's church with his wife Cindy, and their daughter Melanie. Abraham later impregnated both Cindy and Melanie.

Eugene was killed by Melanie. (SVU: "Charisma")