Cici Taylor
Name Cecilia Taylor
Title Cici
Sadie Parker
Occupation Baker
Pathology Rapist
Family Hal Taylor (father)
Ruth Taylor (mother; deceased)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Alyssa Sutherland
First Appearance "Plastic"

Cecilia "Cici" Taylor (alias Sadie Parker) is a woman who, alongside her boyfriend, Heath Barron, drugged and raped Ava Parker.


As a teenager, Cici became insecure about her beauty, which left her vulnerable to Heath, a medical student, and his girlfriend Moira, who seduced her into having threesomes with them. When Moira disappeared, Cici ran away from her home in Brooklyn to become Heath's new girlfriend. She changed her name to Sadie Parker and used Heath's connections as an emerging plastic surgeon to stash drugs for herself and found her own designer bakery. She and Heath also frequented clubs and parties, where they frequently acted out Heath's fantasies on having threesomes with other women and videotaping them.

When Heath and Cici raped a young woman named Ava Parcell, who reported the incident and identified them as her assailants, the Special Victims Unit was called in to investigate. The detectives investigated, but Heath and Cici claimed they had a consensual threesome with Ava. The detectives soon discovered a video that Heath and Cici made of Ava's rape and had them arrested. However, they posted bail following their arraignment and started slandering Ava on a talk show, forcing her to drop the charges.

After Detectives Carisi and Tutuola followed new leads, Lieutenant Benson talked to Cici in the interrogation room and revealed Moira's body was found in Heath's old rental home. At first, Cici became angry and insulted Benson, saying they were afraid of sex and accusing them of turning their sex life into something disgusting. However, she inadvertently revealed her true identity to Benson in the process. Benson eventually convinced her to confess to Ava's rape. Afterwards, ADA Stone worked out a deal with Cici to testify against Heath in exchange for less prison time. (SVU: "Plastic")

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