Cici Taylor
Name Cici Taylor
Pathology Serial rapist
Family Hal Taylor (father)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Alyssa Sutherland
First Appearance "Plastic"

Cici Taylor is a woman who, alongside her boyfriend, Heath Barron, raped several women.


Cici Taylor fell in love with Heath and changed her name to Sadie Parker so that nobody would find her. When Heath and Cici raped a young woman named Ava Purcell, the Special Victims Unit are called in to investigate Ava’s claims. When Cici is confronted about this, she acts very hostile to the detectives. Eventually, a video of a young woman giving Heath a blowjob is discovered along with the body of a woman. The detectives soon find out that the young woman in the video is indeed Cici. Benson talks to Cici in the interrogation room and questions her about her and Heath’s sexual actions. Cici gets angry and insults Benson and the Special Victims Unit, saying that they are afraid of sex and that they turned their sex into something disgusting. Benson, however, is able to talk through to Cici and gets her to confess about Heath’s actions and her true identity and promises to testify against Heath in order to get less prison time. Before this, she embraces with her father, who she has not seen in years.

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