"City Hall"
L&O, Episode 14.14
Production number: E4318
First aired: 11 February 2004
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Written By
Marc Guggenheim & Richard Sweren

Directed By
Gloria Muzio


A councilman is killed and a water inspector wounded in a City Hall shooting.


Main cast

Guest cast


  • FISA
  • Patriot Act
  • 9/11
  • FBI
  • KGB
  • The Godfather
  • Vietnam War
  • Osama bin Laden
  • Algeria
  • Hadlev vs. Baxendale


Stuart Rubin (as Briscoe and Green arrest his son, Peter Rubin): You have to do this in front of his wife and children?!
Lennie Briscoe (Peter Rubin was suspected of accidentally killing a Councilman while trying to shoot a water inspector): You can complain to your Councilman.

Background information and notes

Episode scene cards

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Home of
Charles Albertani
Fort Greeny, Brooklyn
Monday, January 17

Ladder Company 66
481 West 19th Street
Monday, January 17

Empire State Printing
363 Broadway
Monday, January 17

Stuart Electronics
Flushing, Queens
Thursday, January 20

5 6 7 8

Department of
Enviromental Protection
Water and Sewer Bureau
Monday, January 31

Radio Zone, Inc.
389 Park Avenue South
Monday, January 31

Chambers of
Judge Rebecca Logan
Friday, February 16

Office of
Assistant U.S. Attorney
Michael Cagnetta
Tuesday, February 20

9 10 11

U.S. Court
Clerk's Office
Southern District
Tuesday, February 20

The Wilton Club
113 Fulton Street
Wednesday, February 21

Supreme Court
Trial Part 18
Friday, March 23

  • Danielle Melnick (Tovah Feldshuh) appears in this episode with a cane. This is because the character was gunned down in the episode Open Season. This is very good attention to detail in regards to a character's past.
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