Clare Wilson
Clare Wilson
Name Clare Wilson
Occupation Waitress
Status Alive
Actor Stefanie Scott
First Appearance "Jersey Breakdown"
Last Appearance "Gambler's Fallacy"
Clare Wilson is a rape victim who tends to work for criminals.


Clare is a teenage runaway from Maine who came to New York after her mom kicked her out when one of her boyfriends "liked" her more than her mom. After she arrived she started looking for jobs and got the sister of a friend to lend her the girl's driver's license so she could pass for 18. She eventually got a job as a waitress at a strip club owned by Perry Cannavaro. Eventually Perry started using her to help with a credit card scam he was working and protected her from rowdy patrons.


One day, Perry's silent partner, County Prosecutor Bobby Masconi, raped her and left her of the sidewalk with her clothes ripped and crying. She was later "sea gulled" by a boy named Tommy and then the cops show up and take her to the hospital. Clare refuses to give a statement at first, went back to her apartment and took some sleeping pills to try and forget the whole ordeal. Unfortunately, she takes too many and is rushed to the hospital by Detectives Rollins and Fin when they eventually find her. When the doctors are finished pumping her stomach, Detective Rollins and Sergeant Benson gain her trust and she admits what happened at the club. They seek to move her to a group home until Masconi reacts and has Clare arrested for her part in the credit card scam and uses his connections and power to lock her away so she can't testify. Eventually, she is released with the help of federal prosecutor Connie Rubirosa after she is sentenced to a juvenile facility called Knollwood. When they discover Masconi is the rapist they bring Clare in for a line-up and she identifies him as her rapist. Everyone involved in the cover-up is arrested and Clare is taken back to the group home where she and Rollins say good-bye. (SVU: "Jersey Breakdown")

She starts working for an illegal gambling club managed by Declan O'Rourke and Sondra Vaughn. When she recognizes Rollins gambling at one of the tables she informs them about her status as a cop. She is later seen in the club as Sondra tells her one of the patrons, Marcelo Guarana, is cut off and she tells Sondra that he keeps grabbing her butt and she wants it to stop. Clare is later dismissed after Rollins informs the mangers that she is only 16 in retaliation for telling them she is a cop. (SVU: "Gambler's Fallacy")

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