SVU, Episode 7.17
Production number: 07017
First aired: 21 March 2006
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Novak Class
Written By
Paul Grellong

Directed By
Aaron Lipstadt


The detectives investigate the murder of a Hudson University student, whose body was found in a seedy alley. The search of the victim's dorm room turns up a suspiciously large amount of cash.


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Vegas: I'm Vegas.
Man: I've never done this before.
Vegas: Don't worry, baby. Whatever happens in Vegas...stays in Vegas.

Sorry for interrupting. Stay in school.

–Tutuola arresting Gloria Culhane

His wife caught him. Had to buy her a diamond necklace that cost more than an aircraft carrier.

–Tutuola about Roddy Franklin's thing with a stripper

All the gin joints in this city, we had to walk into yours.

–Odafin Tutuola to Secret Service agent

I waited tables in law school and served my classmates. It sucked but it didn’t make me kill anyone.

–Novak to Stabler

They don't allow diamond rings in prison. I think you'll have to settle for silver bracelets.

–Stabler to Kulhane

Background information and notes

  • This episode appears to be based on the Elizabeth Paige Laurie cheating scandal. (Elizabeth Paige Laurie at Wikipedia)
  • There is a sticker inside Stabler's locker that says, "Bad Cop - No Donut."

Episode scene cards

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Hudson University
Bursar's Office
Thursday, February 23

Hudson University
The Snack Annex
Thursday, February 23

Hudson University
Department of Philosophy
Lecture Hall
Thursday, February 23

Home of
Roddy Franklin
Hasbrouck Heights, NJ
Friday, February 24

Hotel Del Mar
Atlantic City, New Jersey
Friday, February 24

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New Jersey
Civic Sports Arena
Locker Room
Saturday, February 25

6 East 56th Street
Sunday, February 26

Part 46
Monday, February 27

Trial Part 46
Wednesday, March 8

Trial Part 46
Thursday, March 9

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