SVU, Episode 9.16
Production number: 9016
First aired: 22 April 2008
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Lincoln Haver
Written By
Ken Storer

Directed By
Peter Leto

Benson and Stabler probe the murder of an investment banker. Elsewhere, Benson starts dating a newspaper editor, but his work conflicts with her position at the department.


After a gay man is murdered, the prime suspect is a star professional football quarterback who turns out to be the victim's husband (they had secretly married in Canada). The quarterback is "outed" in the media during the investigation apparently due to Olivia accidentally revealing his secret, and he becomes a beating victim himself. The quarterback, Lincoln Haver, is convicted of the murder despite his lawyer using the fact that he has brain damage from football as a defense. After the trial is over, Benson and Stabler witness Lincoln's agent Gary on TV with a new football player and reveals that he'd found Lincoln kissing the dead man in the bathroom when he claimed he didn't know. The two search his apartment and find the murder weapon and he confesses to the crime as well as outing Lincoln. Lincoln is released from prison, but is no longer able to play, due to his permanent brain damage.


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Oliva Benson: Looks like he died laughing.
Melinda Warner: Or screaming.

Elliot Stabler: 'Scuse me. You're manager around?
Candayce: You're looking at her. Mm. I'm Candayce. You wanna join my club, handsome?

Elliot Stabler: Where were you last night?
Freddie Ramirez: Hanging with friends.
Elliot Stabler: Doing what?
Freddie Ramirez: Stuff.
Elliot Stabler: Where?
Freddie Ramirez: Around.
Elliot Stabler: Okay, hey -- I want you to start answering my questions in complete sentences.


Olivia Benson: So some football player is gay, what is the big deal?
Elliot Stabler: Look, it is. You got millions of kids with these guys' posters hanging off their walls. They idolize 'em.
Olivia Benson: As long as he's sleeping with women.
Elliot Stabler: Lincoln Haver is my kid's hero.
Olivia Benson: Well, let's go pay him a visit. Maybe Linc will sign an autograph for Dickie.

How screwed up is this? Our perp is now the victim.

–Olivia Benson about Lincoln Haver

Cragen: What the hell did you two do?
Benson: Uh, not what you think.
Cragen: Tell that to the gay rights groups picketing one PP.
Stabler: We never talked to sportsman Larry.
Cragen: Well, somebody did. The brass is demanding a full investigation.
Stabler: You're joking.
Cragen: I wish.

Tucker: Paper went to press before Larry's broadcast. Now explain why you called Mr. Moss last night.
Olivia Benson: We've been dating.
Tucker: Who knows about it?
Olivia Benson: No one.
Tucker: So you're creating this fictional booty call to save your own ass.
Olivia Benson: He's my boyfriend.
Tucker: And you're his source.

Elliot Stabler: You're a son of a bitch.
Tucker: You're partner has been sleeping with an editor at The Ledger for months.
Elliot Stabler: Get outta here.
Tucker: Well, you obviously don't know Detective Benson as well as you think.
Elliot Stabler: I know she'd never torpedo a case.
Tucker: Forgive me if I questioned your judgment, but you didn't even know she was screwing the paper boy.

Kurt Moss: You two have worked together for a long time. There must be a reason why she didn't tell you about me.
Elliot Stabler: Hey, pal, her personal life is her business. I'm here trying to save her job. Now if you care for her you'll help me.
Kurt Moss: What do you want?
Elliot Stabler: Tell IAB Olivia wasn't the source of the leak.
Olivia Benson: What are you doing here?
Elliot Stabler: I'm trying to convince your boyfriend to give you a hand.
Olivia Benson: I don't need help from either of you.

Donald Cragen: Lincoln Haver is out of his coma. One PP wants him locked up.
Elliot Stabler: Oh, so yesterday, he was the victim of a hate crime, and we were getting grilled.
Donald Cragen: And today, the media has moved on. The brass doesn't want a murderer getting special treatment because he's gay or a football player.

Olivia Benson: I outed you. I'm sorry.
Lincoln Haver: It was bound to happen. You have any leads on his killer?
Elliot Stabler: Lincoln, we're here to arrest you.

Casey Novak: We have DNA access to the apartment, motive and Lincoln's confession. You're client doesn't even have an alibi.
Rebecca Balthus: My client doesn't know what happened that night. He's confused.
Casey Novak: What, he confused committing murder with a little slap and tickle?

I got blindsided today. How did you miss their "Big Fat Gay Wedding?"

–Casey Novak about Haver and Haines's marriage in Canada

Olivia Benson: D'ya want another one?
Elliot Stabler: I can't.
Olivia Benson: You know, I just broke up with Kurt, and you said you'd be there for me.
Elliot Stabler: I am. Eli's driving Kathy crazy.
Olivia Benson: I'm kidding, go home.

Elliot Stabler: Love sucks.
Gary Lesley: Yeah, doesn't love--Screw love!

I had it all. Career, someone I gave me everything. And then took it all away.

–Lincoln Haver

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Williams House
210 Essex Street
Friday, March 7

Practice Field
Bronx, New York
Monday, March 10

Apartment Building of
Lincoln Haver
352 Franklin Street
Monday, March 10

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Office of Kurt Moss
New York Ledger
137 West 58th Street
Tuesday, March 11

Mercy General Hospital
365 West 32nd Street
Wednesday, March 12

Part 44
Wednesday, March 12

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Neuropsych Lab
Wednesday, March 12

Trial Part 44
Monday, April 7

Trial Part 44
Tuesday, April 8

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