Law and Order
Law and Order
"Closure (2)"
SVU, Episode 2.03
Production number: E1409
First aired: 3 November 2000
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Teleplay By
Wendy West,
Judith McCreary & David J. Burke

Story By
Wendy West

Directed By
Jean de Segonzac

Stabler and Benson investigate a sexual assault very similar to one they worked a year and a half ago.


Stabler and Benson investigate a sexual assault very similar to one they worked a year and a half ago, whose first-known victim now follows her alleged attacker and reports his activities anonymously to the police, and the rapist's wife.


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"He is the last thing I'm afraid of. If I can get over that, I will have my life back completely."

- Harper Anderson

"We couldn't keep him. Not our fault."
"Want to tell the victim that?"

- Donald Cragen and Elliot Stabler

"Harper's taking control of her own life."
"Oh, please."

- Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler

"You move slow. We go after Cleary off this, he'll be out the door."
"But not too slow."
"Well, move slow as fast as you can."

- Donald Cragen and Elliot Stabler

"You're going to burn in Hell."
"I'm Jewish, Miss Anderson. There is no Hell."

- Harper Anderson and Mr. Klein

"What's the agenda here, gentlemen? You trying to make me crazy?"
"Hell, no. Way too late for that."
"And you are...?"
"The knot in the pit of your stomach."

- Kenneth Cleary and Odafin Tutuola

Background information and notes[]

  • The first part of this episode aired as the season one episode "Closure (Part I)".
  • Harper Anderson uses a 14-round magazine for her .50AE Desert Eagle on the firing range.
  • The alleged 14 round magazine in the pistol range scene was flush with the butt of the pistol.  A 14 round .50 AE Desert Eagle magazine, if they existed, would stick several inches below the butt of the gun as the Desert Eagles utilize single stack magazines.
  • The 8 round magazine is for the .41 and .44 magnum Desert Eagles; the native magazine capacity of the .50 AE Desert Eagle is 7.
  • This is one of six episodes where a rape victim from an earlier episode makes an appearance again. 

Episode scene cards[]

1 2 3 4

Public Safety
Answering Center 911
Monday, October 23

Office of
Assistant District Attorney
Alexandra Cabot
Tuesday, October 24

Miro Venture Capital
130 West 31st Street
Tuesday, October 24

Special Victims Unit
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Wednesday, October 25

5 6 7

Arraignment Court
Part 69
Friday, October 27

Chambers of
Judge Margaret Barry
Monday, October 30

Supreme Court
Trial Part 78
Friday, November 3

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