SVU, Episode 9.19
Production number: 9019
First aired: 13 May 2008
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Novak Cold
Written By
Judith McCreary

Directed By
David Platt


Detective Lake is accused of killing a police officer, and SVU soon discovers that he has been investigating a 10-year-old cold rape case without anyone's knowledge, a situation that leads to a violent showdown and also costs Casey Novak.


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Kralik, Edward


Casey Novak: What are you selling, Brett?
Brett Smith: Criminal Defense.
Casey Novak: Yeah, hard to imagine.
Brett Smith: You've worked sex crimes longer than most and you're still passionate, we need you.
Casey Novak: Yeah, well, it's harder to care when your clients are guilty.
Brett Smith: Ours are accused of SEC violations, not diddling some 4 year old on the playground.
Casey Novak: Look, I'm sorry. I have to go.
Bret Smith: No more late night calls, no more rape victims and dead kids. How do you sleep at night?
Casey Novak: I don't.

Tread easy. Everybody is already heated enough.

–Donald Cragen

Tutuola: What's going on in Philly?
Lake: Really good cheesesteaks.

Lake: Are you interrogating me, detective?
Stabler: No. I'm watching you drown.

Warner: I see the circus is in town.
Stabler: What do you expect? When cops shoot each other, clowns come out. It's entertainment.

Tutuola: Do you know everything about Olivia?
Stabler: No, but I'd notice if she disappeared once a month.

Lake: I'm not used to sitting to take a leak.
Tutuola: That's the price of turning a vacant lot into the OK Corral.

Cragen: Olivia, office.
Novak: You think you could manage to read Detective Lake his rights?
Stabler: I miss something?
Novak: I specifically told you not to question him. He's under the 48-hour rule and shielded from interrogation.
Stabler: Don't worry. He didn't say anything.
Novak: Yeah, and lucky for you. Because if he talked, it would've been inadmissible and under immunity.
Stabler: Okay, so how are we supposed to put this down when most crimes are solved within the first 48?
Novak: You know what? That's not my problem. So you either follow orders, or just stay out of the way.

Tutuola: Dumping my phones was a bitch move, Stabler.
Stabler: Yeah, I called him. I didn't think he'd run.
Tutuola: You should've stayed out of it.
Benson: Take it easy.
Tutuola: He's my partner.
Stabler: Who you helped evade arrest.
Cragen: Dial it down or you're both going on report. Lake is not our problem anymore. The fugitive apprehension team will take it from here.
Tutuola: All those guys do is workout and shoot guns. They're gonna kill Lake.
Cragen: Well, that's not how FAT works, Detective.
Tutuola: Kralik's got a lot of friends on the street that'd like to see Lake dead. You gotta at least let me look.
Stabler: Where you gonna start? You don't even know the guy.
Tutuola: I know he didn't do it.
Stabler: Three bullet holes in the victim's back say different.
Tutuola: You ever think the force behind the first two spun Kralik? We're trained to keep firing till the subject is down.

Tutuola: News reports are saying Lake took a hostage. Who gave them that?
Stabler: How about your partner after he took Cecelia Cruz with a warrant on his ass?

Benson: All Lake had to do was ID the shooter.
Stabler: You can't be sure that he saw him. It was dark out, there were bullets flying.
Benson: What is your problem?
Stabler: He didn't trust us.
Benson: And maybe for good reason.
Stabler: Look, all the evidence pointed to his guilty.
Benson: Which means that we should've taken a hard look at Lake, not Fin.
Stabler: Oh, so I shouldn't have dumped his phones?
Benson: Fin's a straight shooter, Elliot. All you had to do was ask him. I think you need to make this right.

Squeeze that trigger, you'll be dead before the slug leaves the pipe.

–Stabler stopping Thomas Crane from shooting Lake

Novak: The jury's looking at my witness like she did something wrong.
Waner: People feel strongly about immigration on both sides.
Novak: That's why your forensic testimony needs to be solid. Is this partial profile enough to say he's a match?
Warner: Yes, but it leaves you wide open on rebuttal.
Novak: Okay, why?
Warner: All human cells except platelets have 13 loci. The semen the lab tested presented only nine, which means it was significantly degraded.
Novak: I'll need probabilities as to the DNA match for Crane.
Warner: I can't give them with what we have.
Novak: Okay, without it, he walks. Thomas Crane raped and murdered a young girl, and we gave him the badge to hide behind while he did it.
Warner: I know what you want me to say, but the science doesn't support it.
Novak: When the defense gets these lab reports, they might have enough for reasonable doubt. Can you live with that?
Warner: If I have to, because I sure as hell won't risk my reputation for a verdict we didn't earn.

Donna Emmett: Two shooters. You must be a hard man to kill.
Chester Lake: Well, I was lucky.

Emmett: You call the lab to move the evidence. What were you told by the desk officer?
Lake: That I needed a boss to request it.
Emmett: Was that all you were told?
Lake: I don't recall.
Emmett: You weren't told that the evidence was too degraded and contaminated for testing?
Lake: No.
Emmett: Objection. Your Honor, I call for an immediate mistrial. There's a serious cover-up going on here, and I have proof that this witness perjured himself, and the prosecution violated Brady.
Novak: Your Honor, that's ridiculous. no one lied. Counsel is accusing my office of conspiracy in front of the jury just to score points.
Petrovsky: Enough! In my chambers now.

Stabler: Look, the situation got a little heated and I want to say I'm sorry about that.
Tutuola: You're a bulldog, Stabler. Quick to assume, slow to admit when you're wrong. Makes for a good cop, but a lousy human being.
Benson: Fin, hear him out.
Tutuola: Stay out of it, Liv. That being said, I know what it cost you.
Stabler: Appreciate that.
Tutuola: I'm not done. The problem is you will still be the same rat bastard tomorrow, and nothing you say will ever change that.

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Trial Part 46
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Trial Part 46
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