Cole Roderick
Name Cole Roderick
Pathology Serial killer
Gang leader
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Thom Bishops
First Appearance "Streetwise"

Cole Roderick was the former leader of the Phalanx street family. He is currently serving at least six consecutive 25-to-life sentences (150 years to life) for six murders.

After his conviction, he later testified in the trial of Phalanx member Cassidy Cornell, alias Helen Braidwell. (SVU: "Streetwise")

Known Victims

  • 2007:
    • Unknown date: Unnamed woman (assaulted with a chain and robbed)
    • September: Unnamed homeless man (bludgeoned with a chain)
    • October:
      • Byrnesy Ross (bludgeoned with a chain and stabbed 30 times)
      • Larissa Rhedd (bludgeoned with a chain)
    • November 10: Shelby Crawford (bludgeoned with a chain)
    • November 12:
      • Paige Beddels (bludgeoned with a chain)
      • Josie Knox (tortured for twelve hours, gouged out her eyes, and slit her cheeks from ear to ear)
    • November 13: Detective Elliot Stabler (assaulted and attempted to strangle with a chain)