Colleen Braxton
Name Colleen Braxton
Affiliation Bellmore General Hospital
Occupation Nurse
Pathology Serial assailant
Family Unnamed father
Unnamed sister
Status Unknown
Actor Susan Bruce
First Appearance "Poison"

Colleen Braxton was a nurse who poisoned several of her patients.

History[edit | edit source]

Braxton was a single woman living with her sick father, who she took care of. Because of this, she was chronically late for her work as a nurse at Bellmore General Hospital, where she was also often reprimanded for minor errors. She also had an unrequited crush on a security guard working at the hospital, Derrick Alton. Because of her narcissism, immature need for attention, and frustrations, she administered some of her patients adenosine, which stops heartbeats for several seconds, in order to look like a hero when she found them flat-lining.

Eventually, some of the Bellmore patients, including Jenny Taylor, to whom she administered adenosine, died of cyanide poisoning. Colleen was briefly suspected by Detectives Goren and Eames. After they interrogated her, she admitted to causing 34 non-lethal heart failures, but denied any involvement in the poisonings. The real culprit was later revealed to be Trudy Pomeranski, whose mother Loretta went to the same hospital. (CI: "Poison")

Known Victims[edit | edit source]

  • 2001:
    • 31 unnamed patients (all poisoned and induced non-fatal heart failures)
    • James McKee (poisoned and induced a non-fatal heart failure)
    • Bruce Sonshein (poisoned and induced a non-fatal heart failure)
    • Jenny Taylor (poisoned and induced a non-fatal heart failure)
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