CI, Episode 2.10
Production number: E3213
First aired: 5 January 2003
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Doug Morgan
Teleplay By
Gerry Conway

Story By
René Balcer & Gerry Conway

Directed By
Alex Zakrzewski

Detectives Goren and Eames investigate the case of two low-rent criminals found slain.




Main cast

Guest cast




[while Goren is poking an eyeball.]
Alexandra Eames: "Having fun?"
Robert Goren: "I'm listening."

Ron Carver: "It's gobbledy-gook".
Robert Goren: "It's high level gobbledy-gook".

"Is it a cult? Mind control?"
"How reassuring."
"They use the same psychological coercion as cults."
"So did the guy who sold me my car. No one forced those people to stay last night."
-Ron Carver, Robert Goren and Alexandra Eames

"Must be frustrating. A mind that even you can't unlock."
- Ron Carver

Background information and notes

  • This episode seems to be based on the Lisa McPherson case. McPherson was a member of the Church of Scientology who died from starvation and dehydration while under the care of the Flag Service Organization (FSO), a branch of the Church of Scientology. Following her death, the Church was indicted on two felony charges, "abuse and/or neglect of a disabled adult" and "practicing medicine without a license." The charges against the Church were dropped after the state's medical examiner changed the cause of death from "undetermined" to an "accident". The case ended in a settlement between the Church and McPherson's family. (Source: Lisa McPherson at Wikipedia)
  • In this episode, Detective Robert Goren shocks his colleague Alexandra Eames (and the audience) by poking one of the corpse's eyeballs.
  • Actress Karen Black, who plays Douglas Morgan's mother Vera, is a long-time Scientologist.
  • Actor Sean Dugan also appeared as Bobby Douglas in the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit third season episode "Silence".

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