Law and Order
SVU, Episode 11.15
Production number: 11015
First aired: 10 March 2010
First aired (US): 10 March 2010
First aired (UK): 18 June 2010
First aired (CAN): 12 March 2010
First aired (AUS): 3 June 2010
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Written By
Jonathan Greene

Directed By
Peter Leto


When security cameras record footage of Renee Simmons being abducted in a building owned by high-powered and highly protected Fortune 500 member Richard Morgan, the CEO of Richmore Investments, it's not long before Cragen and the SVU squad find Renee dead in one of the building's dumpsters.

Munch recalls a similar case from 1987, sending Benson and Stabler to Sing Sing to speak to Daniel Hardy, the man who was accused of of killing 27-year-old Nancy Pierce in 1987, and Daniel begs them to reopen his case and prove his innocence.

As strange similarities between the two cases begin to arise, Benson and Stabler face fierce opposition from Ingrid Block, the pit-bull attorney for the killer, Richard Morgan himself. It turns out that Richard has been carrying out a Ponzi scheme, and it was Richard who killed Nancy Pierce.

Ingrid is willing to do whatever it takes to get Richard acquitted. But Richard is fatally shot by 80-year-old Thomas Rooney, a man that Richard stole a lot of money from. Rooney's wife had recently passed away from cancer, and Rooney felt that he had nothing left to lose.

It falls on Cabot to decide whether the ruthless lengths that Block went to to defend Richard constitute a crime itself, while Stabler proves Daniel Hardy's innocence.


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Daniel Hardy: If I didn't owe you one, I'd never let you bring me back. Why are we here?
Elliot Stabler: The guy with his back to us.
Hardy: What about him?
Stabler: He's you.
Hardy: What are you talking about?
Stabler: His name is Victor Tate. I collared him 11 years ago for rape. Last year, I found out he didn't do it. I screwed up. He's going to be serving out his sentence.
Hardy: Nothing you can do for him?
Stabler: No. But you can for Ingrid Block.
Hardy: You want me to help her?
Stabler: Do you remember Richard's karate belts?
Hardy: What about them?
Stabler: I don't think Ingrid gave them back to Richard after Nancy's murder. Someone with access to her office did.
Hardy: Block stole 22 years of my life.
Stabler: Revenge isn't going to get them back.
Hardy: Helping that bitch going to get him out? What do you care?
Stabler: Her hands were tied by the law.
Hardy: Listen, man, she should be punished for what she did to me.
Stabler: Richard Morgan put you in here. He's the one who stole those years from you. Now if Ingrid Block hadn't come forward, that would be you. You'd be pushing a mop for the rest of your life.

Background information & notes

Background information & notes

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Sing Sing
Ossining, New York
Monday, December 14

Arraignment Court
Part 47
Monday, December 21

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Supreme Court
Detention Unit
Wednesday, December 23

Supreme Court
Trial Part 29
Tuesday, January 19

Supreme Court
Trial Part 29
Wednesday, January 20

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