Law and Order
SVU, Episode 6.06
Production number: E5208
First aired (US): 9 November 2004
First aired (CAN): 9 November 2004
First aired (AUS): 30 March 2005
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Written By
Robert Nathan & Roger Wolfson

Directed By
David Platt


A boy brutally murders a neighbor boy. The victim's father recommends leniency, but questions his decision when new facts come to light.


Five-year-old Henry Morton disappears during a birthday party and all eyes lead to Billy Turner, a registered sex offender. But the case takes a twist when Henry is found dead and his 13-year-old neighbor, Jake O'Hara, is responsible.

Jake tearfully confesses that he killed Henry in a panic because Henry witnessed Jake falling on a cat and killing it after chasing it and was scared that Henry was going to tell. He claims that he was abused after being sent to a camp for kids with behavioral problems. ADA Casey Novak and Dr. George Huang go to the camp and find that Jake was never abused, but rather an abuser who would self harm and threaten his victims if they told on him. This evidence reveals that Jake is a sociopath, who has no remorse, no conscience and murdered Henry just because he wanted to. Henry's father, Dr. Brett Morton, is shocked when this information is revealed at the last minute in the courtroom. Realizing that Jake would get out of jail at age eighteen and would possibly keep on killing, Morton is overcome with panic and anger, prompting the judge to have him thrown out of the courtroom. When Jake and his mother leave shortly afterward, Jake gives Morton a seemingly-sincere but false apology, and Morton steals a nearby police officer's pistol and shoots Jake with it.

After Jake dies in surgery, Morton is charged with murder. During court, Novak wonders if Morton acted like a grief-stricken father when he shot Jake or he did it because he had previously written a paper detailing that sociopathic children like Jake can't be helped.

At the end, with the trial over and Morton acquitted, he confides that he was in full control when he shot Jake out of guilt, for he knew that Jake could never be cured of his sociopathy. When asked what distinguishes him from Jake, Morton replies that Jake would have kept on killing once he was released, whilst Morton himself will never kill again.


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Cragen: Go away, Wolinsky!
Wolinsky: That's no way to treat a concerned citizen.
Cragen: You gotta stop listening to that police scanner and get a life.
Wolinsky: Just tryin' to pick up the slack for you guys.
Cragen: It's Sunday! Take the day off. Go to church.

Stabler about Dr. Morton: The guy is a time bomb. He keeps holding it in, he's gonna explode.

Dr. Huang about Jake O'Hara being a sociopath: You can't grow a conscience.

Donelly: How could you let this happen?
Stabler: You've got some nerve, lady. That kid was killed because you sent him to Family Court.
Donnelly: I didn't stand there and watch Brett Morton grab a gun.
Stabler: You sure as hell put it in his hand. What, you didn't want to say no to a grieving father? You afraid the press would call you a cold-hearted bitch?

Novak: So you're going for affirmative defense. What do you want?
Zeirko: Man two, minimum time.
Novak: I have a better idea. Why don't we just throw him a parade?
Zeirko: I don't like your tone.
Novak: Yeah, well, I don't like 13-year-olds being shot to death in the courthouse.

Stabler: You manipulated us just like Jake did.
Dr. Morton: There's one big difference. Jake would've killed again. I won't.

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Apartment of
Jeffrey Jackson
258 West 27th Street
Sunday, October 3

Morton Residence
Riverdale, New York
Sunday, October 3

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Sunday, October 3

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One Police Plaza
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Rhinebeck Survival Camp
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Tuesday, October 5

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Part 51
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Trial Part 44
Tuesday, November 2

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